An Post v 14 Named Individuals [2015] ILCR Recommendation No. LCR21022

Posted In: Case Law
  • Case Reference
    [2015] ILCR Recommendation No. LCR21022
  • Legal Body
    Labour Court (LC)
  • Type of Claim / Jurisdiction
    Policies and Procedures
Issues covered: Industrial Relations Acts, 1946 to 1990;; Section 20(1), Industrial Relations Act, 1969;; Breach of Collective Agreement

This case concerned a claim that a collective agreement was breached. The Court held that they could not rehear the case as they previously heard the claim and accordingly had issued their Recommendation. The Court also noted that as the collective agreement was between the Respondents and the Communications Workers’ Union, who did not represent the Claimants, the Court was prohibited from giving an interpretation. 

This article is correct at 09/11/2015

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