Comparative Employment Law Update: Equality laws - fit for purpose or ripe for reform?

Posted in : Comparative Employment Law Table on 23 June 2022
Legal Island
Legal Island
Issues covered: Equality rights; Menopause; Long COVID; Gender; Beliefs

In the second installment of a series of webinars discussing comparative laws on the island of Ireland and GB, Lewis Silkin and Legal Island will discuss equality laws in GB, NI and ROI including:

  • An analysis of the types of discrimination claims across GB, NI and ROI – what are the trends or similarities?
  • The gulf between equality laws in GB and NI has widened since the introduction of the GB Equality Act. What are the key need to knows about the inconsistencies? What are the key differences in ROI equality law?
  • New areas including the menopause, long covid, gender, philosophical belief, social mobility, accent and language are impacting the equality landscape. What are the current reforms in GB, NI and ROI equality law and what changes on the horizon should we prepare for?

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