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Posted in : How To... with Dr. Gerry McMahon on 19 March 2019
Dr. Gerry McMahon
Productive Personnel Ltd
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Alongside good health, time ranks as the most precious of our possessions. It is also the subject of many an aphorism, as the wise old owls warn that ‘time lost is never found again’, that ‘time and tide wait for no one’ and that ‘time is money’!

Of course, it’s also true that whilst the bad news is that ‘time flies’, the good news is that you can be the pilot. That is, good time management entails taking control over how you spend your time and making sensible decisions about the way you use it.

The ‘Bad Habits’ of Time Management

The pursuit of good time management practices starts with an appreciation of how you’re wasting it. The most common ‘time traps’ that many of us fall into are:

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    Dr. Gerry McMahon
    Productive Personnel Ltd

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