A Leader’s Approach – Move From Plan To Superb Performance

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NilaKanthi Ford writes:

Have you ever had this experience? The Chief Executive of your organisation decides it is time to have a strategic planning session. The session is designed to create a first-ever plan or to update an existing one.  You and the rest of the senior team attend the offsite session.   Days of talk and breakout sessions produce a vision plus a volume of information and goals galore.   Everyone walks away.  You all feel tired but enthusiastic.  Then real life takes over.   Nothing happens.  Next year you will do it all over again!!

So, why do organisations perpetuate this persistent cycle for inaction?  There are so many symptoms.  There is one single and simple cure.  Each and every organisation needs committed, capable leaders who are engaged and enrolled in being part of the solution.

Leadership is the most powerfully enabling force in any organisation.  This does not mean just the Board Members – it means every single person in a management structure from the top of the organisation.

At KFVC we advocate the crucial role of leadership in turning a planning exercise into real performance.  This is why we developed the ‘Winning Ways Programme’ ™.  This comprises a complete set of tools and technologies which, if implemented effectively, will put conscious leadership and teamwork at the heart of every high performing organisation.   

Leadership is crucial because organisations are populated by humans.  As new technology and increasingly more systems are introduced, leaders can lose sight of the fact that organisations are based on people.  

Leadership is required at every level of an organisation.  This will help to bring out the best in people and create focus for a common purpose.  Concentrate on developing people power.  By doing so, you are far more likely to succeed. 

Capabilities for effective leadership include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Awareness of others
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Big picture approach
  • Problem Solving
  • Effective delivery
  • Embracing change
  • Ability to communicate with clarity and enthusiasm

Now, take a look at yourself and others around you – how effectively do you believe you are all leading your organisation?  How effective will your leaders be in supporting this year’s vision and plan?  Do not forget that leadership behaviour will be magnified as you drill down into any organisation.

Now picture this?  You and the other leaders enthusiastically attend the offsite sessions.   Days of talk and breakout sessions produce a vision plus a volume of information and goals galore.   You all develop a deeper understanding of what the plan will be and how you can participate in delivering it.   Then real life takes over.   You have a plan in place and understand your place in the plan.  All managers will be involved in the plan.  Everyone is motivated.  Success becomes palpable. Performance improves.    Next year you build on success!!

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