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Posted in : HR Updates ROI on 1 April 2015
Valerie Daunt
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Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report is one of the largest longitudinal studies of talent, leadership, and HR challenges and readiness around the world.

The research described in this report involved surveys and interviews with more than 3,300 business and HR leaders from 106 countries. The survey asked business and HR respondents to assess the importance of specific talent challenges facing their organisation and to judge how prepared they were to meet these challenges.

Using these responses, we calculated a “capability gap” for each challenge, measuring the difference between an issue’s importance and an organisation’s readiness to address it.
In this year’s report, we explore 10 major trends that emerged from our research, which reflect four major themes for the year: leading, engaging, reinventing, and reimagining. We also present the capability gaps associated with each of these trends and offer practical insights to help you address each of these challenges in your organisation. Each month we will issue the next chapter from this report.
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