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Posted in : HR Updates ROI on 18 August 2016
Heather Gordon
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Employee engagement has become a CEO-level issue, with 86% of executives rating it as an important or very important priority for their companies. The changing workforce demands a more flexible, employee-centric work environment, and companies are striving to achieve this “simply irresistible” organisation. However, despite the importance of this issue, and the emergence of tools for frequently evaluating employee sentiment, 64% of organisations still only measure employee engagement annually.

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever as companies must manage as many as five generations of workers, dispersed global teams, and a heterogeneous mix of genders, races, cultures, and sexual orientations. Alongside this, the rapidly changing nature of employee demands and the increasingly dynamic structure of companies places further pressure on organisations to ensure their workers are engaged. A new reality is emerging which pushes employers to view their talent as “volunteers”; thus, they must constantly consider how they can make work meaningful and rewarding in a bid to satisfy their “always on” workforce.

In order to effectively tackle this issue, companies must focus on creating, measuring and monitoring engagement at all three levels; organisation, team and individual. Linking compensation to engagement is also a compelling initiative, as it sends a powerful signal to employees and drives a sense of accountability about engagement efforts. Passion and purpose drive engagement; organisations must strive to create a sense of meaning among workers, while simultaneously ensuring engagement efforts are “always on”.

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