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Posted in : HR Updates ROI on 14 September 2016
Heather Gordon
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Organisations are recognising the intensifying pressure placed on them to improve learning and development, with 84% of executives rating learning as an important or very important issue. In today’s business environment, learning is an essential tool for engaging employees, attracting and retaining top talent, and developing long-term leadership for the company. Yet, despite the strong shift toward employee – centric learning, many organisations are still utilising outdated platforms and static learning approaches. 

A redesigned vision of learning is emerging; in which the employee is placed at the centre of a new architecture that treats learning as a continuous process, not an episodic event. Leveraging the ubiquity of always-connected mobile devices, external training should be made available from any digital content source, and the learning environment should feel like a consumer website that provides videos, courses, content and access to experts.

Organisations must recognise that employee-learners are in the driver’s seat and they must be viewed as customers to be satisfied, rather than as students to be pressured into traditional learning classrooms. Giving up full control over learning content, schedules, and platforms may not be easy, but learning organisations that embrace this shift can deliver more effective learning throughout the organisation. 

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