Digital HR - Revolution, Not Evolution

Posted in : HR Updates ROI on 18 January 2017
Carol Tully
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With more than 7 billion mobile devices in the world, organisations now have the opportunity to revolutionise the employee experience through digital platforms and apps that offer innovative ways of delivering HR services. Business leaders recognise the potential of digital HR with nearly three quarters of companies defining it as a very important issue. Despite the many possible advantages of a digital first HR strategy, only 9% of organisations think they are fully ready for the digital disruption.

Mobile has become the preferred communication channel for workers, giving organisations an opportunity to drive adoption of mobile HR technologies. By integrating cloud technology, design thinking, and real- time HR operations, organisations can offer services from time attendance to recruitment via digital platforms. This provides the opportunity to make work easier, real-time, more productive and more rewarding, all of which can aid in improving work-life balance.

To effectively reap the benefits of the expanding all-digital world, organisations must challenge HR to start with a digital first HR strategy and embrace the shift to a mobile and cloud solutions workplace.  By integrating HR, with IT technology and design thinking, organisations have the opportunity to enhance the employee experience and transform the impact that HR has on the business.  

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