Diversity and Inclusion: The Reality Gap

Posted in : HR Updates ROI on 22 November 2017
Carol Tully
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In today’s workforce, diversity and inclusion has risen from a tick the box exercise to a comprehensive strategy woven into every aspect of the talent life cycle.  This is reflected in Deloitte’s Human Capital Survey 2017 which shows a 32% rise since 2014 in the proportion of executives that cite inclusion as a top priority.

Both public awareness as well as employee views of diversity have strengthened over the past few years. In response, companies are now required to align their approach to diversity with the views of their employees or risk losing valuable talent and increased performance.

To achieve real diversity and inclusion results, the first step is to ensure top leadership understand the importance of the issue. Once buy-in is achieved at a C-Suite level, organisations can begin to use technology and data to identify and tackle problems including disparities in compensation, rewards and hiring. With sufficient resourcing and executive backing, organisations can move from talking about diversity to creating a truly inclusive workplace. 

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