Digital HR: Platforms, People, and Work

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Carol Tully
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The role of HR is in a constant state of development. Whilst in the past the Human Resource department acted as a support function, now it is being asked to lead the digital transformation that is sweeping organisations worldwide.  Evidently, the new role of HR is to build the organisation of the future, as companies hire a new generation of workers that want an integrated, digital experience that is designed around teams, productivity and empowerment. This is becoming increasingly evident with Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends survey indicating 56% of organisations are now reshaping their HR programs to leverage digital and mobile tools.

HR departments have been tasked with the dual responsibility of redesigning talent practices from recruitment to leadership, whilst also supporting a culture of innovation as well as practices that facilitate network-based sharing.  Although cloud-based HR functions have offered a tremendous advancement in the delivery of every day employee services, they are not enough.  A new breed of products built around mobile-apps, AI and consumer-like experiences as well as the advancement of design thinking means that HR departments have the ability to impact the employee experience like never before.

HR has a critical opportunity to lead the transformation of their organisations into a digital enterprise. In the next several years, organisations that embrace digital platforms to transform HR operations and the way work is done, will be game changers.  HR can lead the way by redefining its own purpose, updating core technologies, building a digital HR team and promoting innovation within HR. These activities can help make the HR department the driver of the digital transformation and assist in delivering the organisation of the future.  

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