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Welcome to the first HR in 90 of 2020.  We hope you all had a restful break over the holidays and have come back full of resolutions for the new year!  Personally, I didn’t make any resolutions as I really don’t have the willpower or mindset to adhere to them.  Caroline McEnery from the HR Suite discusses the concept of Organisational Mindset and asks two important questions: Do I have a fixed mindset, or do I have a growth mindset? Which one is better? She explains how growth mindset organisations’ have a much higher level of engagement and trust.

If you want to remind yourself of what happened in the employment law sphere in 2019 this summary article provides you with a quick read of the main employment law developments last year. 

Complaints and Investigations

If you have had a few issues arising from Christmas parties and you are dealing with those at the moment then its worth revisiting the Christmas Parties webinar and article from the HR suite.  A recent article from the HR Suite may also help deal with any issues arising from the consumption of intoxicants in the workplace

Dr Gerry McMahon’s recent article entitled How to... Investigate Workplace Bullying and Harassment Complaints provides some top tips for ensuring that your investigations are objective, thorough and good practice compliant.  Don’t forget to listen into our webinar with Caroline McEnery on the 4th February when she will deal with questions arising from her session on employment investigations at the 2019 Annual Reviews of Employment law.   We also have an event on Conducting Workplace Investigations on the 26th February if you feel you need to brush up on your investigative skills.

Gerry has also written an article on How To: Have a Difficult Conversation at Work which provides a really useful framework within which to have those sensitive conversations. 

Flexible Working

If you are considering introducing flexible working in your workplace then this article by Jennifer Cashman of Ronan Daly Jermyn provides some useful guidance on the legal position on flexible working and the right of employees to disconnect.


Coaching for Line Managers was rated as the second HR priority, after employee engagement, over the next two years by over 500 respondents to the CIPD 2019 survey of HR Practices in Ireland.  But what does good or great line manager coaching look like?  Karl O'Connor sets out a sample checklist to help you answer this important line manager coaching question.

CIPD Awards

The CIPD Ireland HR Awards have announced this year’s finalists. The competition was very high, so congratulations to all those who have been shortlisted. The Winners will be announced on 14 February 2020 and Legal Island will be sponsoring the D&I award. The finalists for each of the following sections set out can be found here.


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