Interview with Clodagh Denny, National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA)

Posted in : HR Interview Series on 22 March 2024
Clodagh Denny
National Treasury Management Agency
Issues covered: Diversity & Inclusion

Clodagh Denny


Name:  Clodagh Denny

Position & Organisation: 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and Internal Communications Administrator, National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA)

Number of Employees:  c. 811

Time in Post:  Two years


Tell us about your business in a sentence:

The National Treasury Management Agency provides a range of asset and liability management services to Government. These services include borrowing on behalf of the Government and management of the National Debt, the State Claims Agency, NewERA, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund and the National Development Finance Agency.

Give us an idea about your early life and career.

While I was never certain what career I wanted in my younger years, I was always passionate about Equality & Inclusion. The idea that underrepresented or marginalised groups faced barriers I would never understand or experience in the same way, never sat right with me. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I gravitated towards social justice elective modules. It was here, I found my passion and went on to complete a MSc in Equality Studies from University College Dublin. Three months after graduating, I joined the NTMA as the Inclusion & Diversity and Wellbeing Administrator and recently moved into a role in EDI and Internal Communications.

What are the key challenges you face in your role?

I think a challenge most EDI professionals face is collecting diversity data. Diversity data is key to creating an impactful and sustainable EDI agenda. However, many organisations find it difficult to get an accurate census in this space. The key is to create a culture where employees feel safe to disclose their diversity data, and confident in how the data will be used. This takes time and commitment.

What keeps you going when things get tough?

My passion for EDI will always keep me going. Whether a day is good or bad, I know I am striving personally and professionally to help create a community in which everybody feels safe, included and equal. Sometimes, our colleagues will tell us an initiative made a real impact on their sense of belonging, and that makes everything worth it!

Who do you most admire in business locally and/or internationally? Why?

I am so lucky to be surrounded by many empowering and impressive women in my job, particularly those I work closely with on the HR Team. The person who first came to mind here is June Butler.

June is the CEO of Strategic Banking Corporation Ireland and the Executive Sponsor of the NTMA’s International & Multicultural Awareness Team (IMAT). June leads with compassion, integrity and gives everyone a voice.

What benefits do staff value most in your organisation?

I think our colleagues value recognition, a sense of belonging and a positive workplace culture. Saying Thank You is one of our core values in the NTMA. Appreciating everybody's contribution and celebrating the benefits of an increasingly diverse workforce can make a big difference.

In your view what is the best thing an organisation can do to motivate staff and drive higher performance?

I think having a strong sense of purpose is a key motivator that can help drive performance. At the end of the day that’s your north star that ensures everyone is working towards a common goal. We are lucky in the NTMA as we work in the National interest. I think our colleagues are proud of that.

Trust, transparency, fairness, and recognition would also be key motivators.

How do you unwind after a tough week?

The two things I do after a tough week are firstly schedule some time to rest and take care of myself and my mind. Secondly, I constantly look forward to surrounding myself with my community – family, friends, and a couple of dogs too!

What is the best piece of business advice you have ever been given? OR What piece of advice would you give to a person trying to reach your position?

I think the most important advice I have been given is to embrace change. While change can feel turbulent and scary, it can also be an opportunity to learn and expand your skillset. I am really enjoying the recent opportunity to move into the Internal Communications field alongside EDI – change is good!

What is your proudest career achievement to date?

My proudest achievement to date is winning the Rising Star of the People Profession award at the CIPD HR Awards 2024. I am very lucky to have managers that are invested in my growth and development who nominated me for this award.

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Clodagh Denny
National Treasury Management Agency

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