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Checklists - we know that HR professionals just cannot do without them. This one, however, is slightly different - we hope you enjoy it!

Finish the statement " As a HR Manager I..."




have had to ask staff member to put on item(s) of clothing



have had to ask staff to take off items of clothing (for “I think your clothing may be harbouring a new strain of penicillin” reasons rather than “wahay” reasons)



have often thought that a naughty step might work better than the disciplinary process (other than with certain types of breaches of the IT policy who might see it as reward)



have spent strategy meetings wondering what I should cook for dinner and trying to remember if I actually started the washing machine/dishwasher etc.



have struggled to find the appropriate wording to clearly identify the nature of the inappropriate behaviour without some kind of alarm going off in the IT Section



have wanted to say “puh-lease your tears won’t work here” at more than one meeting



wonder is it just me??



have checked dates of birth in hope and with my fingers crossed only to have my hopes dashed when I realise the person still has 20 years to go to retirement



can only say the words “work-related stress” through gritted teeth and clenched jaw



have to see the funny side otherwise I would lose the limited marbles that I have left



have wanted to crawl under my desk until they all go away



have often thanked God/Gods/the universe/the technician who invented caller id



would really prefer it if managers managed



would probably take to adding gin/dissolving solpadeine in my tea/coffee except I have a meeting with a staff member in 10 minutes under the alcohol/drug misuse policy



am always amazed by the number of people who seem to think that stupidity is a defence



in response to “its not fair” have actually said “yeah, well life isn’t fair”



regularly wonder how all of this will sound in court



am terrified of the job they will give me to do next because it certainly won’t be as entertaining as this one



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