Health and Safety Protocol - Lead Worker Representatives

Posted in : Webinar Recordings on 29 June 2020
Bláthnaid Evans
Leman Solicitors
Issues covered: Coronavirus/COVID-19; Safety Protocol

As businesses start to reopen and the Safety Protocol is implemented, questions are arising around the role of the Lead Worker Representative. In this webinar, Bláthnaid Evans, Leman Solicitors and Scott Alexander, Legal Island, discuss your questions, including:

  • What are the duties and obligations of the Lead Worker Representative?
  • How many Lead Worker Representatives should I appoint?
  • Should I appoint a vulnerable person as a Lead Worker Representative?
  • The Protocol states that the Lead Worker Representative should receive the relevant and necessary training to their employer. What should this training involve and when should it be provided?
  • What should the employer do if the Lead Worker Representative does not comply with his/her duties?
  • What are the options open to the Lead Worker Representative where s/he feels that the employer is not in compliance with its obligations under the Protocol and health and safety legislation?

The Recording

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Bláthnaid Evans
Leman Solicitors

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