Performance Conversations and Motivation of Remote-based Millennials

Posted in : Webinar Recordings on 23 February 2021
Michelle Halloran
Human Resource Management Services
Issues covered: Performance Management; Remote Workers; Performance Conversations; Motivating employees

The subject of performance conversations never goes away for employers or HR professionals. It has been to the fore in this last year. Assuming our speaker is correct, how can you ensure your top performing Millennial employees remain top performers or get back to performing at their best, where they may have slipped or become demotivated, particularly when working from home and without obvious peer support in the next office?

Performance conversations are vital retention and motivational tools, regardless of the actual performance: poor performers are generally a drain on others until they are managed out, and top performers leave, unless managers show appreciation. And it’s not just a question of managerial capability – you need to equip them with the information and techniques that will enable managers to be confident that their conversations are not built on sand. And, just to make matters slightly more fraught, they are almost all done by video.

Michelle Halloran, Director, Human Resource Management Services sets out options for creative performance discussions and techniques that allow your managers to motivate staff, particularly those that should be top performers, in the areas of resilience, creativity and adaptability, whilst working remotely.



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Michelle Halloran
Human Resource Management Services

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