Cormac Murphy

Cormac Murphy

About Cormac Murphy

Cormac Murphy is a Senior Associate in the Technology Law Unit in Crowley Solicitors.

Cormac spent almost ten years working in the compliance and legal departments of large multinational organisations such as Goldman Sachs, the Australian Securities Exchange and Commonwealth Bank of Australia in both London and Australia. These roles place Cormac in the unique position of seeing the impact of privacy regulation on a company from the 'inside' and have given him an understanding of the real challenges facing a company in implementing sound privacy practices.

In ease of clients’ current need for GDPR compliance advice, Crowley Solicitors has set up a “Privacy Hub” as part of the Crowley Solicitors’ technology practice. The Privacy Hub is focused on making HR Professionals’ and Data Protection Officers’ lives easier. Advises on whether your organisation needs to appoint a Data Protection Officer and information on the types of data compliance agreements your business required in order to be GDPR fit are available.

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