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Some of the most common issues our employer clients consult us on include: how to operate their businesses in compliance with employment law; and how to draft contracts and company policies that cover their obligations as employers and promote good working relationships with all employees. We have also drafted employment contracts for senior management, directors, as well as with external contractors.

When a dispute arises, we are on hand to advise on the best way to manage it to ensure it is resolved quickly and cost-effectively, with the minimum disruption to the business.

In the case of our employee clients, we advise them on any issues that arise in the workplace and on how best to protect their employment rights.

As we act for both employers and employees, we have first-hand experience as to how an issue should be approached to ensure that both parties are able to resolve it quickly, without damage to their livelihoods and reputations.

Ruth O’Connor (01-6764488) :  ruth.oconnor@oclegal.ie

Peter Benson (01-6764488) : peter.benson@oclegal.ie

Feena Robinson (01-6764488) : feena.robinson@oclegal.ie

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