Padraig Berry

Padraig Berry

About Padraig Berry

Actively involved in business leadership positions across the globe for the last 35 years Padraig transitioned from the world of investment (he holds an M.B.A. from ESSEC Paris and ran Chuck Feeney’s Investment Company in Ireland) to ‘people’ in the mid-nineties when he realized that the key to organisational success is the right people in the right seats - that culture eats strategy for breakfast. 

Padraig believes that everyone should at least have the opportunity to realise their potential.  His personal life ‘Purpose’ is to help individuals, teams and organizations become all they can be.

As CEO of TTI Success Insights Ireland Padraig works with 'Human Talent Professionals' who want credible, reliable, science-based tools to significantly improve results for themselves, their organisations and their clients. 

By certifying Human Talent Professionals in TTI SI Psychometric Assessments, tools, processes and programmes, Padraig provides them with the wherewithal to add superior value to any people focused organisation. 

Hiring the right talent, engaging current staff and advancing high potentials based on critical factors and performance indicators of the job; addressing human performance issues right through the talent cycle – from recruitment and selection to individual gap analysis and development planning, succession planning, team development, and so on; building leadership teams; achieving superior performance at individual, team and organisational levels.

TTI SI have been in this business in since the early eighties with over 35 million assessments completed worldwide and are fully transparent in their validation and reliability. 

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