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David Fagan

About David Fagan

David Fagan is a commercial lawyer. Until recently he was a partner in the largest international commercial law firm in Ireland, a law firm with offices in 47 locations around the globe, and with 200 staff in Ireland. He has established the employment law unit, the data privacy unit and the health and safety unit of that firm in Dublin. Recently, he has set up own consultancy practice in conjunction with a number of other equally experienced lawyers and professionals, Business Legal.

Some of the recent matters that David has been involved in are:

  • Managing multi-jurisdictional Health and Safety projects across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Dealing with transactional Health and Safety work,  assessing what financial provision should be made for existing claims, performing due diligence to evaluate the cost of making the target compliant etc.
  • Dealing with claims in the Supreme Court, High Court, Circuit Court, District Court, Employment  Appeals Tribunal, Rights Commissioners, Labour Court, Equality Tribunal, Data Protection Commissioners and Health and Safety Authority
  • Advising on practical matters such as accident reporting, insurance claims, risk assessments, safety statements, proper appointment of PSDP, PSCS, advising on the 2005 Act, the 2007 regulations and the Construction Regs. Dealing with REACH queries, and the entire range of non-contentious matters that arise in a Health and Safety context.
  • Advising on practical matters such as appointment and training of Safety Officers, Safety Reps and Safety Committees. Performing Health and Safety Audits to find and remedy deficiencies in Health and Safety practices.
  • Providing bespoke Health and Safety training, including training on the legal repercussions of non-compliance.
  • Providing legal Opinions on whether or not a particular practice or method of operation is lawful from a Health and Safety law perspective
  • Dealing with serious accidents and fatalities, and the resultant HSA prosecutions.
  • Supporting and assisting business, public bodies, and other organisations to be as efficient and cost effective as is legally or commercially possible.

David welcomes both theoretical and practical questions, and is happy to provide practical guidance and advice.

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