Deirdre Crowley

Deirdre Crowley

About Deirdre Crowley

Deirdre Crowley is Head of the Employment and Privacy at Crowley Solicitors.

Deirdre has 15 years’ experience in advising companies on data protection matters. Large US multinationals dealing with complex trans-Atlantic transfers of data, as well as companies dealing with special categories of highly sensitive data (including employee, medical and financial data) have briefed Deirdre to undertake privacy reviews of their workplace to become GDPR fit.

Deirdre has recent experience of dealing with high profile data breaches. She works closely with IT security and forensic specialists, PR advisors and the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner to best position organisations to deal with a breach, manage the aftermath and identify other data compliance risks and vulnerabilities.  Deirdre’s experience in the last 12 months includes advices to businesses regarding audits conducted by the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, e-privacy, e-marketing, privacy impact assessments, analysis of controller v’s processor duties, analysis of the classification of data, Irish and European Convention/ Directive privacy rights, the trans-Atlantic transfer of data and the drafting and negotiation of privacy agreements in line with GDPR requirements. Deirdre is regularly invited by IT security specialist groups and business specific interest groups to speak on legal compliance in the technology and privacy space.

In ease of clients’ current need for GDPR compliance advices, Crowley Solicitors has set up a “Privacy Hub” as part of the Crowley Solicitors’ technology practice. The Privacy Hub is focused on making HR Professionals’ and Data Protection Officers’ lives easier. Advices on whether your organisation needs to appoint a Data Protection Officer and information on the types of data compliance agreements your business required in order to be GDPR fit are available.”

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