Child Protection and Welfare of Children in Irish Schools

These easy to access eLearning modules are tailored specifically to meet the needs of Irish schools. It provides child protection training suitable for all school employees.

Children come into contact with teachers more often than any other profession. That’s why high quality child protection training in schools is essential to ensure the safe development of our children. It also makes sense from a legal point of view helping close down a school’s liability in the event of a child safeguarding matter arising onsite.

Until recently, child protection training in Irish schools has been carried out following conventional learning methods. Designated teachers would be responsible for disseminating their own expertise and training among colleagues. Even where this would be done regularly and well schools could never be sure that at any one point all staff had been trained and fully understood what were their duties and responsibilities.

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Three Year Child Protection Training plan

Legal-Island’s brand new CPD certified Child Protection training plan, developed using real life cases, includes three training courses and three assessments across a three year period ensuring your staff are kept fully updated with new child protection legislation.  

Guide to the Child Protection and Welfare of Children in Irish Schools eLearning Modules [Video]

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Key Features

  • Developed specifically for Irish schools by a team of child protection experts
  • CPD Accredited
  • Highly engaging & interactive
  • Includes an Assessment

Areas covered include:

  • Protection and Welfare of Children
  • Acceptable Conduct with Pupils
  • Types of Abuse
  • Recognising Signs of Abuse
  • Responding to Possible Abuse
  • What Happens When a Matter is Referred

Additional features

User convenience:  Training can be completed at the user’s convenience, anytime day or night.

Record keeping: A designated senior staff member can access the secure and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) to check which employees have completed the training and which have not.

Assessment: An end of course assessment is included to ensure the users have understood key components of the training.

Certification: Successful users will automatically receive a certificate indicating they have passed the course.  This allows you and them to maintain a record, should you need to refer to it in the future.

Course Length

40-50 minutes including assessment

Here's what your peers say about the module: 

"An excellent way of ensuring that all staff are up-to-date with this important aspect of school life. It is a fantastic initiative, it is simple to use and provides participants with certification, along with regular re-validation."
Paul Burke, Deputy Principal, Carrigaline Community School, Cork



Martin Gormley, Director of Schools, Donegal ETB



Padraigin Ui Riordain, Principal, Mount Mercy College

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