Coronavirus Awareness in the Irish Workplace

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This FREE Coronavirus/COVID-19 awareness training course is now no longer available. 

Following the recent Government publication, the Return to Work Safely Protocol, one of the steps outlined in the Protocol is that employers must provide COVID-19 induction training for all employees before they return to the workplace.

Return to Work Safely Protocol: COVID-19 Induction Training

Legal Island has just launched an eLearning course in partnership with Ronan Daly Jermyn (RDJ) that complies with HSA guidance and enables employers to provide compulsory COVID-19 induction training to all employees in Ireland, in advance of them returning safely to the workplace. 

This eLearning course will assist you in showing compliance with 19 points on the HSA Checklist 3: COVID-19 Induction (the remaining 10 are all specific to individual workplaces).

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Return to Work Safely Protocol: COVID-19 Induction Training

COVID-19 Induction Training eLearning Course

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