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Protected Disclosures Bill - What Employers Need to Know

Posted in: Eversheds HR Speed Brief on 16/08/2013 The Protected Disclosures Bill 2013 (the “Bill”) was published in July of this year and aims to consolidate the law relating to the protection of whistleblowers in Ireland. While whistleblower protection has traditionally arisen in this jurisdiction on a piecemeal sectoral basis, the Bill proposes ...

A practical Guide to Handling Taxable Benefits

Posted in: Eversheds HR Speed Brief on 09/07/2013 Employers are regularly required to reimburse employees for various expenses incurred in the course of employment. In today’s HR Alert, we focus on travel and subsistence expenses, and when such expenses can be reimbursed without the deduction of tax. In general expenses paid by an employer on beha...
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Contracts of Employment Pay and Conditions of Employment

Changes to State Pension Age and Impact in Employment

Posted in: Eversheds HR Speed Brief on 24/05/2013 What are the implications? This year will see the end of the State pension payable from age 65. Anyone reaching age 65 after 1 January 2014 will not be entitled to a State pension until they reach age 66. The age for qualification for the State pension will move out to age 67 in 2021 and then to ag...

Dismissing an Employee for 'Bringing the Company into Disrepute'

Posted in: Eversheds HR Speed Brief on 23/04/2013 The Employment Appeals Tribunal decision this month in the case of an employee dismissed for spitting back at an abusive member of the public in a “moment of madness” provides some useful reminders when carrying out a disciplinary process. The employee, Aisha Olukoya, was a ticket inspector for Veo...

Criminal Justice Act 2011 -An Employer's Perspective

Posted in: Eversheds HR Speed Brief on 28/03/2013 The Criminal Justice Act 2011 (“the Act”) was introduced to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of white collar crime. As a result of the Act, there is now a new and onerous obligation on employers to make a report to Gardaí in circumstances where an employee is suspected of committing a c...