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Email and Internet Usage

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 12/06/2012 I am currently in the process of setting up a company and plan to hire six employees. A friend of mine recently told me that his company has been having problems with employees sending inappropriate emails to one another. If in the future I face similar problems, and have from the outset stated tha...


Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 01/06/2012 A troublesome employee has handed in their notice and has asked for a reference to give to their new employer. We usually give references to all employees but in this case the employee has recently become a poor performer and has timekeeping and absenteeism issues which we haven’t raised with the e...

Agency Work Act - What it Means for Your Business

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 17/05/2012 Jennifer Cashman and her employment team at Ronan Daly Jermyn, Cork and Galway, have written a comprehensive guide to the Agency Work Act and the practical implications for business. This is a complex piece of legislation, with several changes made to the December 2011 draft, and we would urge our ...

Redundancy and Overseas Employment

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 27/04/2012 We have four employees who commenced work in our Company in Ireland in 2008. They then transferred to an Associated Company of ours in Boston in 2010 for what we originally thought would be a two year contract. However, due to the financial position of our Irish Company we have no more work availab...

The Use of Social Networking in the Workplace

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 30/03/2012 “It has recently come to my attention that one of my employees is accessing Facebook during work time and is making disparaging comments about her manager. Can I discipline her or even dismiss her? How can I prevent this happening with other employees? How do I handle it?”Antoinette Vahey writes:Th...

Sick Employees Returning to Work

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 27/02/2012 Two months ago one of our employees, who was in line for a promotion, had a mental breakdown and had to be hospitalised. Recently they have been certified fit to return to work and are due to start next week. The Company is worried that if they are given the promotion they will be unable to cope wi...

Biometric Data in the Workplace

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 30/01/2012 We have recently installed a biometric system in the workplace to record time and attendance. One of our employees has indicated that she has an objection to using the system and wishes to opt out of doing so. She has also indicated to us that it is now our obligation to provide an alternative syst...

Temporary Agency Workers Directive

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 20/12/2011 The Minister has now published the Bill to give effect to the Temporary Agency Workers Directive and we will shortly circulate an email in relation to the Bill. The Minister has also confirmed that the Bill will be effective from the 5th December 2011 with enactment of legislation expected in early...
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Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 15/11/2011 It’s come to my attention that one of our employees has been taking illegal drugs. I know he takes them at the weekend because he’s quite open about it but I don’t, as yet, have evidence that he’s taking them during working hours but I worry he might be. There is a company policy in place regarding...

Temperature, Ventilation and the General Physical Environment in a Workplace

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 17/10/2011 "Our work place is an open plan office and I am having constant complaints about the air conditioning settings, with one employee saying they are too cold and another insisting on turning it on because they are too hot. How do I handle it?David McCarroll writes:Ah yes, welcome to every open plan of...