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Driving in Different Capacities for Work

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 16/06/2015 A number of my employees drive in different capacities in the course of their work. What do I need to know and “how do I handle it”?Caoimhe Heery writes:All employees have obligations towards their own health and safety under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 (the “2005 Act”). Employ...

Dealing with a Complaint of Bullying

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 24/04/2015 I have received a complaint from an employee that they are feeling bullied by their immediate manager. Our Dignity at Work Policy provides for mediation as an optional first step in our informal process. How do I handle it?Michelle Ryan writes:When an employer is made aware of a complaint of bullyi...

Team Moves & Protecting the Company's Interests

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 19/03/2015 The Head of our Research and Development Team has resigned and taken up a position with a key competitor. We suspect he wants to take his entire team with him. If this happens, the potential ramifications for the company are massive–our Research and Development Team is privy to confidential informa...

Private Investigators

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 17/02/2015 I have concerns that employees may be abusing our Sick Leave Policy. I would like to engage a Private investigator to check their whereabouts when they call in for sick days. How do I handle it?Jennifer writes:Engaging a Private investigator to carry out covert surveillance on an employee should no...

Tendering Process & TUPE Implications

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 20/01/2015 We currently hold a contract from our client to provide certain services. We have been advised that, arising out of a recent tendering process, we have lost this contract and the contract will transfer to a new service provider. We have a number of employees assigned to work on this contract and we...

Obesity in the Workplace

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 23/12/2014 We have an overweight employee whose obesity is preventing them from undertaking the full functions of their role and it is having a knock on effect for their co-workers. How do I handle it? In this article David McCarroll, Partner with Ronan Daly Jermyn’s Employment Law Unit tackles the circumstan...

Recovery of Benefits and Assistance Scheme

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 21/11/2014 Section 13 of the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2013 introduces what is known as the Recovery of Benefits and Assistance Scheme (“the RBA Scheme”) as of 1st August 2014. The RBA Scheme will have a significant impact on employers and insurance companies in their ability to “buy off” nuisance claim...

Mitigating factors in disciplinary procedures

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 21/10/2014 I am in the middle of a disciplinary process with an employee for a gross misconduct issue, and he has asked me to look at mitigating factors. The investigation already found that there has been a breach of policy which falls within our definition of gross misconduct. Surely this means dismissal sh...

Failure to Meet Performance Expectations

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 23/09/2014 I have a number of employees who are not meeting expectations in terms of performance. How do I handle it? Michelle Ryan writes:In this email we will take a closer look at some practical advice on performance management. The recent decision of the Employment Appeals Tribunal in Rachel Berthold v Go...

The Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 15/08/2014 The Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014 (the "2014 Act") was recently enacted and it is expected to commence in September. The 2014 Act provides for significant changes to the existing legislation and in this email, we take a look at what you need to know and "How you should handle it". Caoimhe...
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