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Learning: Employees take charge

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 14/09/2016 Organisations are recognising the intensifying pressure placed on them to improve learning and development, with 84% of executives rating learning as an important or very important issue. In today’s business environment, learning is an essential tool for engaging employees, attracting and retaining...

Cultural Norms - Where is your organisation when it comes to selecting leaders?

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 07/09/2016 In the West many organisations seek dynamic, charismatic leaders; in the East, they assume dynamic, autocratic leadership will be most effective. In today’s global village perhaps the quiet leadership of proactive employees will make a difference? When CEO Declan (alias) needed a €3million Euro in...

The Equality Act 2015 and Retirement

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 23/08/2016 Currently in Ireland, there is a statutory retirement age for some public servants only. In other sectors including the private sector there is no legal mandatory retirement age but it is common practice for retirement ages to be set out in the contract of employment. Generally retirement age is of...

The future of work is... to be proud of getting enough sleep

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 23/08/2016 The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more…. This is a quote I think many of us can relate to. However, while we may want 5 minutes more, many of us will never admit it. Sure, you might be getting those reports in on time and you’re meeting all your goals. But the one t...

Employee Engagement - Always On

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 18/08/2016 Employee engagement has become a CEO-level issue, with 86% of executives rating it as an important or very important priority for their companies. The changing workforce demands a more flexible, employee-centric work environment, and companies are striving to achieve this “simply irresistible” orga...

Why should the HR function take on a bigger role in driving performance?

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 11/08/2016 Three clear trends will reshape the role of the HR function in organisations. The first relates to the rapidly globalising economy - most companies in all regions are anticipating increased cross-border moves. The second trend is the increasingly speedy growth of the knowledge economy combined wi...

Winning Conversations with ‘POISE NOW’: Step 5 - Emotions

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 29/07/2016 As we saw earlier, our negative emotional responses in conflict situations are linked to our own thinking and perception about the situation or behaviour of the other person. It’s not objective reality that causes our feelings, rather it’s the spin or interpretation we put on objective reality tha...

Paternity Leave Policy

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 26/07/2016 The Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016 allows parents to take paternity leave from employment in respect of a child. This Act entitles certain employees, who are relevant parents in relation to a child, to employment leave for the purposes of enabling the employee to provide, or assist in the pr...
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Working Time and Leave

The future of work is... to let your employees be more flexible

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 06/07/2016 Ade McCormack has written a great book titled “Beyond Nine to Five”. One premise of the book is that the way we are working needs to change. He takes us back 12,000 years and highlights how we were highly mobile (chasing or being chased), highly social and connected in our groups and we made decisi...

Winning Conversations with ‘POISE NOW’: Step 4 - Share

Posted in: HR Updates ROI on 06/07/2016 Step Four: Share Now it’s your turn. You’ve given them the headlines about your concerns. They’ve had some space and time to say where they’re coming from. So now they need to hear your side. But where will you start? Do you give them a seven-word summary: ‘you’re not doing your job’? Do you lay...