Certificate in AI for HR

Certificate in AI for HR

Unlock the future of HR with our comprehensive Certification Course on Artificial Intelligence, tailored for HR professionals. Delivered by experts from the UK & Ireland, including distinguished authors on AI and digital technology, gain in-depth knowledge of AI's core components and its pivotal role in today's workplace. Learn to harness AI tools to enhance HR efficiency, ensure ethical AI practices, and develop robust implementation strategies. Master legal considerations, including privacy and data security, and understand the impact of the EU AI Act. Transform your HR capabilities and lead with confidence in the age of AI.

According to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report Use of generative AI has nearly doubled in the last six months, 79% of leaders agree their company needs to adopt AI to stay competitive and 3 out of 4 People already use AI at work (Source here.)

Boost your HR career with our Certified AI in HR Course, designed specifically for HR professionals eager to harness the power of artificial intelligence. This comprehensive course, led by industry experts, includes a certification exam to validate your skills and knowledge. Upon certification, you'll stand out in the job market, increase your efficiency, and be equipped to lead your organisation into the future of HR. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career and become an AI-savvy HR leader. Enrol now and get certified! 

All modules will be recorded and available until 31st March 2025

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the core components of AI and its importance in the modern workplace
  • Apply AI tools to streamline HR functions
  • Discuss the importance of AI transparency, strategies to mitigate bias, and ways to secure staff buy-in while addressing job security concerns.
  • Create an AI Implementation strategy
  • Identify legal considerations and best practice for AI use in the workplace, including privacy, data security and copyright issues
  • Comprehend the implications of the EU AI Act for employers

Who should attend this event?

This event will suit anyone in HR wanting to boost their HR career with a CPD Certified Course covering the fundamentals of AI for the workplace.

This course is designed for HR professionals who want to ensure their skills are not future ready but ‘today’ ready in the rapidly evolving field of HR technology. It is also ideal for those who want to improve overall efficiency through AI and are seeking knowledge on the legal aspects of AI, including privacy, data security, and adherence to the EU AI Act.

Course Duration:

The course consists of 8 hours of online lectures and an estimated two hours of reading time.

There is a multiple-choice exam to complete (approx. duration 30 minutes) within four weeks of the course ending together with a written assignment which has a word limit of no more than 1,000 words. 

Altogether there is a time estimate of 16.5 hours including study and assignment preparation.

All modules will be recorded and available until 31st March 2025

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Module 1

AI in an HR Context:

+ Overview of AI, jargon, key players, and influencers
+ A look at recent surveys in Ireland & what they tell us about AI adoption
+ Key tools ChatGPT, Co-Pilot, Midjourney and Synthesia.
+ 5 AI tools already in use in HR

Barry Phillips, Chairman, Legal Island

Module 2

First Steps with AI:

+ Drafting an AI implementation strategy
+ Understanding AI relevance to every stage of the employment cycle
+ Starting small and building outwards
+ The importance of AI transparency
+ Mitigating bias in AI
+ Securing staff buy-in whilst tackling job security concerns

Kieran Gilmurray, Digital Transformations Expert

Module 3

Using AI to Boost HR Efficiency:

+ Using tools such as ChatGPT or Co-Pilot to draft job descriptions, interview questions, letters, template policies, NDAs, and contracts
+ Generating summaries of cases and legislation with AI
+Mastering the workplace skill of “prompt engineering”.
+ Advanced prompting skills

Barry Phillips & Marina Ashurkina, AI Expert

Module 4

AI, the Workplace and Legal Issues:

AI and what the lawyers are advising including:

Privacy issues and AI

  • The dangers of automating out human discretion in employment procedures
  • Copyright infringement concerns
  • Data security issues and
  • The importance of “On-prem” “Off prem” use of LLMs
  • The significance of the new EU AI Act for employers inside and outside the EU.

Sarah Cochrane, Associate, Carson McDowell


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  • Barry Phillips
    Barry Phillips Chairman
    Legal Island

    Barry Phillips (CEO) BEM founded Legal Island in 1998. Since then, the company has become the leading workplace compliance training company on the island of Ireland. 

    Barry curated and chaired the first-ever AI for HR online event in September 2023. Since then, he has organised numerous webinars and workshops for HR on AI topics. He also presents a weekly podcast summarising important developments in AI for those in HR.

  • Kieran Gilmurray
    Kieran Gilmurray Digital Transformation Expert
    Kieran Gilmurray

    Kieran Gilmurray is the author of the book “The A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation.” He is regularly ranked as one of the top global experts Automation, Data Analytics, Brand Influencers and Business Technology Innovators.

    Kieran is a senior executive with 28+ years of experience leading digital transformations for businesses. He has been a director, board member, research fellow and advisor to multiple international companies.

  • Marina Ashurkina
    Marina Ashurkina AI Expert

    Marina is an expert in AI with a passion for creating conversational AI interfaces using both traditional intent-based approaches and the latest cutting-edge technologies, such as large language models (LLMs). Currently, she is working at a deep tech startup, experimenting and mixing things up to create truly intelligent conversational agents.

    She is an experienced project management professional and trained business analyst.

  • Sarah Cochrane
    Sarah Cochrane Associate
    Carson McDowell

    Sarah Cochrane joined the Employment Team at Carson McDowell in 2012. Sarah attained a degree in law (LLB Honours) from Queens University in 2005 before embarking on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law in Chester later that year. Sarah trained with DAC Beachcroft LLP in Manchester and qualified as a solicitor into the Employment & PensionsTeam in 2009.

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4 week course - Starting 23rd January 2025


23 January 2025




Standard rate: €1,245

Early Bird rate: €995 (ends 12th December 2024, 5pm)