ChatGPT + AI for the CEO/Business Leader

ChatGPT + AI for the CEO/Business Leader

Elevate Your Leadership with AI: Unleash Business Excellence! 

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding AI is paramount for CEOs and business leaders. Embrace the power of AI, including innovative tools like ChatGPT, to drive strategic decision-making, foster innovation, and boost efficiency. Gain a competitive advantage by harnessing AI's potential to enhance customer experiences and navigate risks responsibly. Join our exclusive event to master AI's role in shaping the future of business, from adapting to change and managing talent to seizing investment opportunities. Be prepared for the AI-driven tomorrow – reserve your spot now and lead your organization toward a future of growth and transformation!

Empower Your Leadership with ChatGPT and AI Insights!

  • AI: A Disruptive Force for Growth and Transformation Navigate the dynamic landscape of AI opportunities and threats. Gain a comprehensive overview of how AI is reshaping businesses.
  • Igniting Creativity and Innovation through AI: Harness AI's creative potential to fuel ideation and innovation. Discover how AI can inspire fresh ideas and drive your business forward.
  • ChatGPT: Your Trustworthy Brainstorming Ally Unlock the power of confidential brainstorming with ChatGPT. Elevate your strategic thinking and ideation process with AI assistance.
  • Elevate Decision-Making with AI: Learn how AI can amplify your decision-making capabilities. Leverage AI insights for more informed and strategic choices.
  • Navigating AI Business Risks: Understand the risks of AI misuse in the workplace and how to safeguard your business from potential pitfalls.
  • Mastering Prompt Engineering for Optimal Results: Unleash ChatGPT's full potential through expert prompt engineering techniques. Maximize the impact of AI-driven solutions.
  • AI-Powered Summaries for Efficient Business Insights: Discover the art of using AI to condense essential business readings and reports. Stay ahead by absorbing key insights effortlessly.
  • Top 5 AI Tools to Elevate Your Leadership Game: Explore the top AI tools and plug-ins tailored for business leaders. Boost your efficiency, productivity, and decision-making prowess.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to supercharge your leadership journey with AI knowledge. Reserve your spot now for a day of transformative insights, networking, and empowerment. Let's shape the future of business leadership together! 


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“10 of 10, fantastic workshop” - Clayre Scott, HR Advisor, Leckey


“This was an extremely useful seminar. Very informative” - Deena Keane, HR Advisor, Altrad 


  • Barry Phillips
    Barry Phillips Chairman
    Legal Island

    Barry Phillips (CEO) BEM founded Legal Island in 1998. Since then, the company has become the leading workplace compliance training company on the island of Ireland. 

    Barry curated and chaired the first-ever AI for HR online event in September 2023. Since then, he has organised numerous webinars and workshops for HR on AI topics. He also presents a weekly podcast summarising important developments in AI for those in HR.

    Barry is an author, qualified coach and meditator and a regular speaker both here and abroad. His Tedx Talk features his contrarian view that it’s time to ditch open-door policies in the workplace.

    Barry has worked at the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation in Geneva before qualifying as a lawyer in 1993.

    He has travelled extensively and lived in a total of eight different countries considering himself to be a global citizen first, a European second and British/Irish citizen last of all.

    He lists Russian language and wild camping as his favourite pastimes.

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9.15am - 1.15pm


24 January 2024




Standard Price: €149