Conducting Workplace Investigations and Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods

Conducting Workplace Investigations and Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods

Do you understand how to handle a formal investigation remotely?

Legal Island’s best-selling Conducting Workplace Investigations and Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to guide employees through the most suitable conflict resolution methods, including an introduction to the key concepts of remote workplace mediation and how to conduct/participate in remote investigations sensibly, fairly, and effectively in keeping with the legal and procedural.

When does a complaint warrant an investigation? When would it be better to use mediation techniques to resolve the complaint? Does the allegation fall within the legal definitions of inappropriate behaviour or other forms of gross misconduct? Do you know which of the various Codes of Practice or laws to follow when conducting a remote investigation including the new Revised WRC Code of Practice issued a few weeks ago? Do you have a ‘best practice’ process for applying other methods of resolution before proceeding to a formal investigation?

These and many more questions will arise throughout what can be a convoluted and frustrating process, especially with many investigations now taking place remotely via Zoom or MS Teams.

What are the Learning Outcomes?

  • Identify what issues warrant a formal investigation what complaints / issues might best be resolved through informal resolution or mediation.
  • Understand what is meant by ‘inappropriate behaviours' at work, and how to identify whether these behaviours constitute bullying or harassment.
  • Describe the key concepts of how to manage a remote mediation, including how to reach agreement to mediate, how to manage the process and how to follow up afterwards.
  • Be able to conduct a formal investigation remotely from start to finish– procedure, questioning, note-taking, witnesses, report.
  • Practical samples to take away with you.

Who should attend?

This event is ideally suited to employers, senior managers, investigation officers and HR professionals.


Standard Rate: €395

Early Bird Price: €345 (Ends 6th August 5pm)

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Day 1 


Introduction and Objectives

Course tutor introduction and participants are invited to outline what they would like to achieve from the training session.


When to investigate, formal v informal?

The first challenge faced by supervisors and line managers is what should their initial response be to an employee complaint or issue?

Attendees will review a range of practical scenarios which describe employee complaints and issues ranging from allegations of bullying to suspicion of theft, with the objective of learning when to investigate, when to mediate and what can be handled informally.


Refreshment Break


How to identify inappropriate behaviours at work

A key area which can give rise to the need to investigate is the area of alleged bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination; this part reviews the definition and examples of these types of inappropriate behaviour at work, and how to determine, with reference to the legal guidelines firstly whether a complaint actually falls within these definitions or not, and secondly what may be the appropriate course of follow-up action (e.g. informal resolution, mediation, investigation).


Key concepts of workplace mediation (including remote mediations)

Mediation is a skill that requires practice, patience and maturity; the purpose of this session is to provide attendees with enough information to begin that journey, to introduce participants to the key concepts of what is a ‘best practice ‘mediation intervention, how to manage a workplace mediation, including how to reach agreement to mediate, how to manage the process and how to follow up afterwards.

Tutor will share her experience of remote mediations – what works and what pitfalls to watch out for when carrying out a remote mediation


Close of Day 1


Day 2


Day 2 Welcome Back


Conducting and documenting a formal investigation, including how to carry out a remote investigation

  • An overview of the role of the investigator
  • A checklist for the pre-interview documentation to be issued (terms of reference, scope, timeframe, outputs, appeal) – importance of transparency v Data Privacy issues
  • Importance of appointing an impartial investigation panel
  • A checklist of appropriate questions to ask the complainant, person complained of and any witnesses and how to handle the interview process remotely
  • How to handle the logistics of a remote investigation
  • Role of representatives
  • A guide to appropriate note-taking / recording, including how to handle reporting on remote investigation interviews
  • How to handle requests for mediation, counselling, withdrawal of complaint etc… that may arise during the investigation
  • How to prepare an investigation report and sample report layout


Comfort Break


Final stages: the outputs of the formal investigation

How to form conclusions and make recommendations

  • Principles of transparency of information
  • Final communications with the employee / complainant, person complained about
  • Appeals




Summary and Conclusions





"Excellent presentations from Michelle who also included a lot of very useful information on top of what was in the presentation. The interactive nature of a lot of the presentation was very effective. The seminar was managed very smoothly and the support both before and during the seminar were excellent."
David Bell, Managing Director, The HR Department

"Michelle was excellent. Very well informed with great examples and was able to give robust answers to all questions asked." Jason O'Mara, Higher Executive Officer, Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

"Excellent presenter, course notes really good. Legal Island Admin on the chat were really quick to provide links."
Siofra Kilcullen, SEO Corporate Development and Human Resources, Mayo County Council

"The information was exactly what I was looking for and it was delivered clearly and in plain English. The examples were very accurate in what I deal with." Lucy O'Sullivan, Assistant director, Legal Aid Board 

"Michelle is a great facilitator and used very practical examples throughout the day. The material provided is very comprehensive and a great take away for future reference."
Rebecca Domican, HR Business Partner, Central Bank of Ireland


  • Michelle Halloran
    Michelle Halloran Trainer
    MH Human Resource Management Services Solutions

    Michelle Halloran is an experienced Human Resource Management professional and an accredited workplace mediator providing training and consultancy services to organisations nationwide, in the Public and Private sector. She has spent a long career originally in executive and general management roles, then specialising in Human Resources management in Ireland, the UK and Europe, across various sectors including investment banking, information technology, manufacturing and services plus some time in the public sector, before starting her own HR consultancy business 17 years ago. Her key areas of expertise are in workplace investigations, disciplinary and performance management and employee relations, and the practical application of employment law in a HR context.


Event details


2 half days:17th & 18th September


17 September 2024




Standard Rate: €395

Early Bird Rate: €345 (Ends 6th August, 5pm)

*Save an additional €20 when you book and pay online with debit or credit card at the time of booking.