Data Protection Update in Ireland 2023 - Special Offer

Data Protection Update in Ireland 2023 - Special Offer

Legal Island's annual Ireland Data Protection Update is specifically designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the data protection issues that matter to HR professionals and employers in Ireland.

We set out the most important data protection risks and solutions facing employers and their organisations.

After attending you will:

  • Have received a comprehensive update on data protection developments that affect employers in Ireland.
  • Will have had ample time to question the data protection experts.
  • Our sessions will be recorded (with full participant DP permissions!), so that you can watch back after the event and check your understanding of developments.

Who is it for?

This event is aimed at employers and HR professionals with data protection responsibilities and concerns.

When & Where:

This event will take place online between 9.15am and 1.00pm on Wednesday 24 May 2023.


Standard Rate: €295

Special Offer: €245

In association with:

 A&L Goodbody



Welcome and Introduction

Laura McKee, Legal Island 



A&L Goodbody’s Data Protection Round-Up 2023 

Mark Ellis, Partner, Commercial & Technology, A&L Goodbody, gives an overview of important and latest data protection issues, risks and solutions facing employers and their organisations, including: 

  1. Non-material Loss and Damages: What financial consequences, other than fines by the DPC, might employers face for data protection breaches? 

  1. An update on DPC fines  

  1. An update on DSARs – recent guidance and practical tips 

  1. GDPR and Data Subject Reporting Obligations - Why, When and How? 


Data Protection and HR: Key issues 

While remote work has become commonplace, it comes with it a potential reduction in an employer's awareness of what their staff are doing. To address this,some employers are investing in surveillance technology for this purpose, but this carries a real risk of violating an individual's privacy rights.  

The Irish Court of Appeal in the case of Doolin v DPC provides a cautionary tale for employers using personal data for unapproved purposes.  

The issue of employee surveillance should be high on the agenda of ROI employers. 

If done properly and with good reason, this can help employers maintain a level of trust with their employees and to promote staff confidence by remaining transparent about any new processes they seek to implement. 

Duncan Inverarity, Partner at A&L Goodbody explains: 

  1. How to determine if surveillance is truly necessary and appropriate? Consider the purpose(s) for which the employer is collecting the personal data.  

  1. How, when and what to tell employees? 

  1. How to remain sensitive to the physical and mental well-being or employees when it comes to monitoring? 

  1. What information should an employer collect about employees: special category information, criminal conviction? What extra considerations are there? What information should employers steer away from? 


Joint Q&A with Mark Ellis & Duncan Inverarity 


 Refreshment Break - Get a cup of something, take a break from the screen, catch up on emails, whatever… 


A View from the Regulator: Data Protection Commission (DPC) Update 2023

MB Donnelly, Assistant Commissioner, Data Protection Commission, provides an update on the important data protection trends and developments direct from the DPC.

In the last few months, we have seen developments in relation to: 

  • The latest campaigns from the Data Protection Commissioner 
  • Top priorities for 2023/24 
  • Analysis of fines and other penalties 

What will our guest speaker discuss this year? Find out on 24th May. 


Q&A with MB Donnelly


Screen Break  


Chatbots and AI vs GDPR – What AI Means for Data Protection

ChatGPT and similar AI ‘chatbots’ have entered the mainstream in the last few months. A myriad of articles appears daily listing the reasons for and against and predicting that the robots are coming for our jobs!

So, what does AI mean for the future of work and the workforce?

Dr TJ McIntyre, Associate Professor and Head of Teaching and Learning in the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin looks at the pros, cons and whether Chatbots and other AI systems are GDPR compliant, including:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Security
  3. Fairness and transparency
  4. Accuracy and reliability
  5. Accountability
  6. Right to be forgotten


Q&A with Dr TJ McIntyre  


Cybersecurity is an HR issue, not just a matter for IT 

Cybersecurity often feels like the responsibility of the IT department, but as recent examples in the media show, HR are critical in the fight to protect data.  

From Facebook/Meta to Munster Technological College, high-profile organisations have been subject to attacks in recent months and, according to the DPC, there have been more than 200 cyberattacks on Irish companies in which private data was accessed or stolen in the last 12 months 

It’s recognised that the largest threat to an organisation’s cybersecurity is employees’ failure to comply with data security rules, not hackers. 

Keith Anderson, Lead Information Security Consultant at Vertical Structure provides his top tips for avoiding the scammers and explains: 

1.Best practice for your systems and protocols. 

2.The importance of staff training, and how to do it. 

3.How to conduct an DPC-worthy risk assessment. 

4.Preventative controls that you can implement now. 

5.The biggest cyber risks to be aware of (and how to avoid them). 


Q&A with Keith Anderson  


Summary and Close  


"Really found it very worthwhile great to listen to the expert speakers."
Michael Cryan, Data Protection and Procurement Executive, IRFU

"It was very easily accessible to both the seminar and the notes."
Edel Moran, Solicitor, Supermacs

"All the presenters were very good, very knowledgeable and practical."
James O'Riordan, CTO, S3 Connected Health

"It was very well organised, and programme was very well put together. Timelines were adhered to."
Jacky Kavanagh, HR Office Executive, DBASS Chartered Accountants

"Very informative with lots of up-to-date info for HR professionals."
Ashleigh Martin, Senior Group HR Executive, Clanwilliam Group

"Well organised, kept to schedule, topics were current and relevant and speakers were well prepared and knowledgeable."
James Kelleher, Legal Counsel, Johnson Controls

"[I liked the] the willingness of the panel to provide in-depth answers to real life scenarios, solving an issue for the attendee whilst preparing others for similar situations."
Oisin Kelly, HR Director, Amstrow

"Very interesting speakers, engaging host and lots of breaks for focus."
Eilis Noonan, Data Protection Officer, Higher Education Authority


  • Duncan Inverarity
    Duncan Inverarity Partner, Head of Employment Law Practice Group
    A&L Goodbody

    Duncan is Head of A&L Goodbody's Employment Law Group and has practiced exclusively in the area of employment law and industrial relations in multiple jurisdictions. Duncan advises public and private sector employers on both contentious and non-contentious matters. He advises Boardrooms across Ireland and abroad on strategic and complex employment and industrial relations matters. Duncan also specialises in crisis management for clients and has advised on some of the most high profile corporate issues in Ireland. Duncan regularly appears for clients in the Workplace Relations Commission, the Circuit Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Duncan also acts for partnerships in mediated settlements and in proceedings in the High Court.

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson Lead Information Security Consultant
    Vertical Structure

    Keith helps Vertical Structure keep everything safe for their clients by helping them achieve and maintain certification to standards including ISO27001:2013, Cyber Essentials and GDPR Compliance.

    Keith brings a wealth of knowledge from his past experience in Project Delivery and working within digital transformation at an enterprise level, and working with organisations such as ALDI International, C&A, Energia, Carlsberg, Visa, Lidl Ireland, Virgin Trains, SGN, Deloitte, BBC, Lloyds Bank and Santos Brazil.

    Keith is ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor certified.

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis Partner
    A&L Goodbody

    Mark is a partner in A&L Goodbody's market-leading Commercial & Technology group. He advises clients on all aspects of technology, IP, data protection and related issues. Mark's practice also involves drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and advising on the IP, technology and data protection aspects of corporate M&A transactions.

    Mark is named as a 'Rising star' in Legal 500 2022 for information technology law, as well as being listed as a key lawyer in the data privacy and data protection and the healthcare and life sciences practice areas. Mark is also listed as a 'Rising star' in IPStars 2021.

  • MB Donnelly
    MB Donnelly Assistant Commissioner
    Data Protection Commission Ireland

    MB is Assistant Commissioner at the Data Protection Commission Ireland.

Event details


9.15am - 1.00pm


24 May 2023




Standard Rate: €295

Special Offer: €245