Discipline and Underperformance in a Remote & Hybrid Working Environment

Discipline and Underperformance in a Remote & Hybrid Working Environment

Dealing with discipline and underperformance can be challenging and stressful for employees and employers alike, particularly now many employees are working remotely or in hybrid environments.

In the world of work, managing underperforming employees and handling conduct-related matters is part of the job!

This workshop will in particular look at:

  • Managing the underperformer
  • Handling different types of misconduct issues that require various disciplinary outcomes up to and including dismissal
  • Addressing the complexity of handling grievances and other contingencies raised during a disciplinary process

Our expert trainer, Michelle Halloran of Human Resource Management Services, has designed a framework that delegates will be able to customise.

  • Do you need to know about soft skills, coaching, or motivation? Michelle has exercises to build your skills in these areas.
  • Do you need to move to more formal procedures or, perhaps, dismiss an employee? Michelle also has exercises to suit.

We cover everything you see on the programme but we focus on the parts delegates most want to develop.

What are the learning outcomes?

This workshop combines practical advice and exercises on managing underperformance and discipline in remote and hybrid working environments. 

Who should attend?

Anyone with responsibility for carrying out or advising on disciplinary or performance processes. This event is targeted at managers and supervisors seeking to acquire knowledge and skills in this area but even experienced supervisors should find new materials and tips for motivating underperforming employees.

When and where?

This event will take place online on the 30 September and 1 October 2021 on the Newrow platform.


Early Bird Rate: €275 (deadline 5pm on Friday 20 August 2021)
Standard Rate: €315
Save €20 if you pay online when booking.

More about Newrow...

This event will be hosted on a Browser based platform named Newrow. In order to access the event correctly, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser. This is the only browser that will work, please do not use Internet Explorer, MS Edge or Mozilla Firefox. We understand that some IT policies may not allow downloading of new browsers, so if this is the case for you please use your own personal device to access the event and if you do not have Google Chrome installed, you can download it here - https://www.google.com/chrome/ or on the Google Play/App Store for tablets and iPads.

If you would like further information regarding your Browser please contact us at events@legal-island.com and we will be happy to discuss with you further.

Upon entering the event Newrow will prompt you to enter only your full name and email address, there is no need to register a password. 


Day 1: 30 September 2021


 Introduction and Objectives


Having the ‘difficult’ conversation

Early encouragement and intervention when employees are underperforming is more effective (in most cases) than taking formal disciplinary action, and must, in any event be the first step taken before formal action can be taken. Using a case study, and working in pairs we will learn how to adopt a coaching approach, such as TGROW, BOFF, STAR and other models, to the performance management conversation.


Break & Networking


Managing Underperforming Employees and Common Disciplinary Situations

What if coaching fails? Is discipline the right approach? Should you remain in the informal process or move to the formal procedures? What are the deciding factors? You must consider:

  • Setting organisational rules and standards - what are "acceptable"
  • standards?
  • What is "underperformance" in your organisation?
  • What do your policies and procedures say?
  • When do we ‘cut the apron strings’ with employees whom we are mentoring?

We will look at typical time and attendance, absenteeism and ‘poor attitude’ scenarios, working in pairs first, followed by a group discussion


Finish Day 1


Day 2: 1 October 2021


Applied Case Studies – How to Deal with Difficult and A-Typical Problems

We consider via open discussion case studies involving the more challenging of the disciplinary process to include:

  • How to carry out a reasonable investigation and
  • How to frame allegations
  • How to conduct the disciplinary meeting in accordance with the UD Acts and Codes of Practice
  • How to confirm the outcome
  • How to deal with the appeal process
  • How to manage grievances raised during the disciplinary process
  • How to deal with employees who go off sick during the disciplinary process
  • How to weight existing warnings
  • How to justify inconsistent outcomes or disciplinary penalties
  • How to lawfully use CCTV footage and other electronic evidence
  • How to deal with representatives
  • How to deal with recording of interviews


 Break & Networking


We will continue our case study review of the more challenging disciplinary situations


Q&A How Do I Handle This Problem?

Michelle addresses questions submitted during the 2 mornings in relation to your specific issues, including any that may be arising as a result of the recent changes to the way we work -the move to remote and blended working arrangements


Event Finish


"A practical and realistic course which gave me tools that can be easily adapted to various situations in our organisation. Michelle was clear, engaging and informative. She had lots of simple examples to illustrate her points and she kept bringing us back to the key points of what we were learning. She is a personable and interesting lady who taught us in a practical manner. The group was also a nice size."
Gráinne Quinn, Business Resources Manager, Exterion Media (Ireland) Limited

"Instilled confidence to tackle some difficult issues, fear of litigation is a major factor in holding me back. Michelle was a very good communicator, approachable and willing to go above an beyond to answer specific queries."
Yvonne Kelleher, HR Manager, Tecomet

"Excellent course and extremely well delivered."
Patrick Murray, Operations Manager, Tecomet

"Michelle was very articulate and a very clear speaker. Her time management was excellent. She gave quite a bit of time to Q&A which was fantastic as I learnt quite a bit from the experience of other delegates."
Anne Roche, Payroll Processing Supervisor, University College Dublin

"Very professional, competent, good subject knowledge."
David Durnin, Higher Executive Officer, Dept of Justice & Equality

"Michelle was extremely knowledgeable, the group were asking extremely complex issues and she never hesitated in the slightest and always gave a practicable, relate-able answer. I can now easily transfer the skills I have learnt from the course into the work environment."
Ciara Henvey, HR Executive, FCR Media


  • Michelle Halloran
    Michelle Halloran Trainer
    Human Resource Management Services

    Michelle Halloran is an experienced Human Resource Management professional providing training and consultancy services to organisations nationwide, in the Public and Private sector. She has spent a long career originally in executive and general management roles, then specialising in Human Resources management in Ireland, the UK and Europe, across various sectors including investment banking, information technology, manufacturing and services plus some time in the public sector, before starting her own HR consultancy business 12 years ago. Her key areas of expertise are in workplace investigations, disciplinary and performance management and employee relations, and the practical application of employment law in a HR context.

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30 September & 1 October 2021


30 September 2021




Early Bird Rate: €275 (deadline 5pm on Friday 20 August 2021)
Standard Rate: €315
Save €20 if you pay online when booking.