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Education Law Update 2019

Education Law Update 2019

This event is brought to you by Legal Island, in association with NAPD and Mason Hayes & Curran.

It’s never been easy being a school leader and it’s not getting any easier. Not only do you face new rules and regulations in relation to education, you also have to be aware of employment law changes, best practice and be a people-manager to those inside and outside your school.

This event combines those legal and practical aspects to bring you a complete update in one day on the key issues affecting the school sector in 2019. We deal with a couple of very tricky staff issues – drug/alcohol problems and employees who try to block legitimate management controls by playing the ‘whistleblowing card’. We consider admissions issues in cases of children with special needs. We also have a catch-all session, where our experts from Mason Hayes & Curran discuss whatever legal issues our audience deems important, as well as outlining all the relevant new rules.

In addition to those legal sessions, we offer delegates a choice of practical training sessions, including a session on creating really effective one-to-one meetings (with staff or parents), another on eliminating negativity in order to establish a ‘can do’ attitude within your school management team and two sessions on building resilience.

After attending you will be better able to:

  • Implement any new changes or policies required by recent developments in Education Law.
  • Understand the relevance of recent case law developments to your school and the work that you do.
  • Deal with staff with drug or alcohol problems in school.
  • Deal with spurious claims of whistleblowing that paralyse appropriate management of performance issues.
  • Upskill yourself and your management team to create a ‘can do’ culture and thereby motivate staff to achieve greater levels of performance.
  • Use an internationally proven 5-step communication tool for one-to-one meetings that will help you achieve better results with teachers and parents.

Course overview/outline programme

In the morning we have four sessions delivered by the legal team from Mason Hayes & Curran:

  • Alcohol and drug-related issues in schools.
  • Dealing with the ‘Whistleblowing Shield’.
  • Admissions in relation to inclusion and the accommodation of children with special needs.
  • The 2019 round-up of legal changes.

In the afternoon, we have a choice of practical workshops from top trainers and coaches, including:

  • From a ‘Can’t Do’ to a ‘Can Do Culture’.
  • Your Five Step Formula for Effective 1:1 Meeting.
  • Education Leaders' Role in Staff Resilience.
  • Taking Psychological Responsibility Nurtures Workplace Wellbeing & Optimum Performance.

More value from this event
All case studies, exercises, templates and checklists from this event may be used by you when back in school. 

Who is it for?
Delivered by leading experts in their field, this full day conference is designed to cover key topics essential to the work of Principals, Deputies and members of Boards of Management.

Where and when?
9:20am - 3:30pm on Tuesday 12th March 2019
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport

Early Bird: €195 (Deadline Friday 1st February 2019)
Standard: €245

In association with:

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Early Bird Offer

Save up to €50

Event details


9:20am - 3:30pm


12 March 2019


Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport


Early Bird: €195 (Deadline Friday 1st February 2019)
Standard: €245