Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Legal Island runs free Irish employment law and HR webinars on a continuous basis.

Registration is free, and the list of upcoming webinars (along with links to the registration page) is below.

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ChatGPT Introductory Sessions

Tuesday 26th September (10am - 11:30am)

A free supercharged, introductory webinar for anyone wanting to get up to speed quickly in this crucial area

ChatGPT looks set to join the family of office skills such as Word and Excel that we all need to function effectively. Early adoption of this remarkable new tool can really help to supercharge levels of efficiency. In this very special introductory webinar we’ll introduce you to a fascinating new world that looks set to transform how we work forever. Areas covered include:

  • Using ChatGPT + AI whilst keeping confidential information safe and secure.
  • AI essentials – understanding what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting through the jargon jungle.
  • Prompt engineering – what is it and why is it so important that everyone seems to be talking about it? How to do it well.
  • Understanding current limitations of ChatGPT and how soon they will be overcome.
  • Top five AI tools to help you do your daily tasks quicker and better every time. 


Navigating HR's Cyber Frontier: Risks, Compliance, and Training - Free Webinar  -  Free Webinar

Thurs, 26th Oct, 11:00 – 11:45, Online  - Register

October is Cyber Security Awareness month!

Recent government statistics reveal that a staggering 1 in 5 Irish firms experienced a cyber-attack or data breach in 2022. It’s not enough to rely on your IT team, HR should be front and centre in the fight to protect data and in making sure that all employees know their responsibilities.  

From Facebook/Meta to Munster Technological College, high-profile organisations have been subject to attacks in recent months. It’s recognised that the largest threat to an organisation’s cyber security is human error and employees’ failure to comply with data security rules, not hackers. 

Join Ricky Kelly, Partner and Lead of RDJ LLP’s Cyber Security, Privacy and Data Protection Practice, GilesTyler , Senior Consultant Control Risks and Julie Holmes of Legal Island as they chat all things cyber security 

Ricky and Giles will lead you through all of legal and practical angles including:   

  1. Current cyber security risks and trends
  2. Legal obligations and consideration in relation to information security
    1. The importance of staff training and how to do it 
    2. Preventative controls you should consider implementing
    3. Key organisational measures to mitigate against cyber security risks 

Sign up, bring along your questions and Julie will put them to Ricky LIVE!  

Ricky Kelly leads RDJ’s Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Practice adopting a commercial, practical and strategic approach to assisting clients manage, respond to and recovery from cyber and data security incidents while also mitigating against potential future risks. In his role as leader of RDJ's Cyber and Data Security 24/7 Incident Response Service, Ricky offers broad experience managing crisis and incident response teams in relation to the end-to-end investigation, management and mitigation of cyber security and personal data breaches. As a certified Data Protection Practitioner, Ricky’s experience includes the provision of advice and bespoke compliance training to organisations in relation to their implementation of and compliance with their Privacy, Data Protection and Information security obligations.

Giles Tyler – Senior Consultant – Cyber Incident Response, is a Senior Consultant in Control Risks’ Cyber Response team. He provides cyber incident response services to clients across Europe and Africa.

Giles work focusses on complex cyber security incidents, both when Control Risks is the sole external provider during an incident or as part of a wider panel of advisors. He works with teams across Control Risks to deliver advisory, intelligence and forensic services across all core sectors. Joining Control Risks from a cyber risk and governance consulting background, Giles is also able to offer clients advice on post-incident remediation activities.


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