Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Legal-Island has a number of free employment law and HR webinars planned throughout 2020.

Registration is free, and the list of upcoming webinars (along with links to the registration page) is below.


New – Schools Sector Webinars

4.15pm - 5.00pm on Tuesday 5th May 2020

On Tuesday 5th May, we start a new service for school leaders and others interested in schools and teaching in Ireland in association with a panel of experts from NAPD, Mason Hayes & Curran, and THC Consult.  We will run two webinars before the summer holidays – 5th May and 23rd June (a Primary School special edition). 

Each webinar will

  • Feature expert speakers who specialise in Ireland’s school sector
  • Allow you to listen live to conversations on current topical changes, legislation and initiatives which have an impact on leadership (and delivery by staff) in schools
  • Allow you to put questions (anonymously) live to our expert panel via the chat box
  • Allow you the chance to listen back at a time of your choosing
  • Come with a written transcript for you to follow shortly after broadcast

In the first in the series we will discuss the following points:

1. Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018: What is the best way forward? 

Changes under the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018: The purpose of the 2018 Act aims was to make the rules around admissions to schools more structured, fair and transparent. Some of the provisions of the Act have been commenced and are in operation and others are expected to come into operation from 2021.

  • Schools cannot charge fees or ask for contributions as a condition for admission or continued admission – but there are exceptions
  • Primary schools are not allowed to use religion as a basis for admission – but there are exceptions
  • From 2021 schools will no longer be allowed to use the time and date on which they received an application as a basis for admission
  • A school’s board of management will have to publish an annual admissions’ notice before accepting any applications for a given year
  • Q&A on DES website & sample templates for admissions policies plus Circular 0007/2020

2. Is this the illusion of inclusion?

The NCSE now has responsibility for services previously provided by the SESS, NBSS and Visiting Teacher Service. Few issues cause as much controversy in schools in both primary and post-primary sectors as does the SNA allocation model and policies around mainstreaming children with special needs. In theory, parents of children with special needs should be able to apply to any school and that school should be able to accommodate their child. However, in practice, some schools do not have the facilities or staff to accept students with severe special needs.

New rules are expected to be introduced from September 2021. SNA allocations are to be linked to SEN Allocations. A pilot programme is running. What will be the impact of the frontloaded SNA allocation model? We also consider the NCSE’s proposed New Brunswick Model, its pros and cons, and its implications for education delivery to ALL students across the State. 

Our panel discuss this issue in-depth and offer guidance and answers to your questions, based on many years of experience.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst our live webinars are free to attend, the majority of our webinar recordings and transcriptions are only available to subscribers of the Irish Employment Law Hub.


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30-60 minutes


05 May 2020


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