Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Forthcoming HR & Employment Law Webinars

Legal-Island has a number of free employment law and HR webinars planned throughout 2020.

Registration is free, and the list of upcoming webinars (along with links to the registration page) is below.

A&L Goodbody's Case Law Review

10.15 - 11.00am on Thursday 23rd January 2020.

Aisling Muldowney, Associate, A&L Goodbody, was a massive hit at our Annual Reviews of Employment Law.  In this session, Aisling and Noeleen Meehan, Of Counsel,  A&L Goodbody, revise what they consider to be the top employment cases of the last year (including any post-November 2019) and sets out learning points and takeaway actions to put into practice.

Cases covered in this session include:

1. Daly v Nano Nagle School [2019]

2. ByrneWallace v Kearney [2019]

3. Power v Health Services Executive [2019]

4. Jones v Minister for Justice and Equality [2019]

5. G$S Secure Solutions Limited v Kelly [2019]

Join Aisling Muldowney and Noeleen Meehan at 10.15 - 11.00am on the 23rd January 2020. Listen to them set out the factual background, what the relevant court decided and what this means from a practical perspective for employers. You may also ask questions live.

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Jennifer Cashman’s Annual Review of Employment Law

12.00 - 12.45pm on Thursday 23rd January 2020

Jennifer Cashman, Partner, Ronan Daly Jermyn is our keynote speaker at the Legal Island annual reviews of employment law.  In order to help delegates maximise their return on investment she will be covering key points and answering questions live on 23rd January 2020 at 12.00.

Jennifer will focus on these key areas of employment law developments:

1. Working Time Developments.

2. Retirement Ages and Auto Enrolment.

3. Flexible Working and Reasonable Accommodation in the Workplace.

4. Independent Contractor Arrangements.

5. Protective Leave Developments.

Join Jennifer Cashman at 12.00 noon on Thursday 23rd January 2020. Listen to her summarise the law, advise on remedial actions and ask her questions live.

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Employment Investigations - Annual Review Round-Up

12:00 - 12:45pm on Tuesday 4th February 2020

Following her very successful Annual Review season, Caroline McEnery, Managing Director at The HR Suite and Adjudicator at the WRC, will tackle some of the many, many questions that arose from her sessions at the Annual Review of Employment LAw 2019 conferences on 'Best Practice Investigation Process and What a Good Investigation Report Looks Like'. This will include questions around:

  • The role of the investigator
  • The terms of reference
  • Note-taking
  • Witnesses

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst our live webinars are free to attend, the majority of our webinar recordings and transcriptions are only available to subscribers of the Irish Employment Law Hub.


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23 January 2020


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