Re-Skilling HR for the Virtual Employee

Re-Skilling HR for the Virtual Employee

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You might say Covid-19 changed nothing but accelerated everything. Employers had the technology many years ago to allow employees to work from home. But the pandemic forced employers to trust employees and in doing so many organisations now realise that work doesn’t have to be done in a place monitored or governed by the employer. This new realisation has spawned huge numbers of remote workers and so-called hybrid workers – those who work both remotely and in the office on different days of the week.

The prevalence of this new type of worker is forcing the HR function to completely re-think how it performs many of its key functions. Often interviews are now done online (at least preliminary stages) whilst onboarding for those unlikely to spend much or any time in the office needs to be completely redesigned.

Employers know that to get the most from remote workers it is output that needs measured and not employee activity through a webcam or tracking software in a laptop. But this means that performance processes have to be changed and that ancillary practices such as disciplinary investigations need to be revised completely.

The pandemic has caused everyone to battle with mental health issues but now employers are beginning to look to HR for answers in terms of how best to look after the wellbeing of not only conventional employees but remote and hybrid workers.

Our expert trainer, Michelle Halloran, has spent many years working with HR departments in leading companies and public sector bodies helping them upskill and to adopt the very latest practices and procedures.

This state-of-the-art course is the first of its kind and one that promises to bring vital new skills to every organisation represented.

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Devise and deliver effective online interviewing processes.
  • Advise on the most appropriate onboarding and offboarding processes for your organisations.
  • Organise effective probationary periods for remote workers.
  • Introduce appropriate performance management systems for every type of worker.
  • Advise on appropriate investigatory procedures in cases involving remote workers.
  • Understand how best to deal with conflict between all types of workers.
  • Assist others to understand the impact remote and hybrid working has on organisational cultural and to make necessary adjustments.

Who should attend?

This event is for all those in an organisation who are responsible for the core functions of recruiting staff, overseeing performance, and existing employees.

When and where? 

This course will take place online between 9.15am - 12.45pm on three half days; Thursday 4, Tuesday 9, and Wednesday 10 February.


Standard Rate: €295

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Covid-19 has completely re-shaped how many employers must now carry out their core HR functions.

How employers recruit, do their onboarding, off boarding, performance management and conflict resolution has been changed fundamentally and most likely forever.

This three-half day event gives practical advice and insights into how to execute the core functions of HR in the new online world of remote and hybrid workers.

Day One: Thursday 4 February




The New World of Interviewing Online 

Remote interviewing is a new experience for some in HR, but it brings with it opportunities for significant improvements. Key areas include:

  • understanding the new etiquette applicable to interviewing online
  • how to find remote workers you can grow to trust quickly.
  • securing greater diversity on interview panels;




Onboarding and Offboarding

Many organisations now must recruit new staff and also bid farewell to others in a virtual environment. This session considers:

  • latest best practice on inductions for remote workers and the most recent advice on their compliance training
  • sample introductory exercises, ice breakers, team building exercises that look very different to the pre-Covid19 days
  • the key challenges engaging with staff exiting or downsizing their careers including exit interviews when and how best to do them


Review and Close

Day Two : Tuesday 9 February


Probationary Periods and Remote Workers

Probationary periods continue to be done badly in many organisations with several poor appointments coming to light only long after they should have been identified and addressed. This session offers:

  • latest advice on how best to manage closely new remote workers.
  • how to establish the right balance between support/encouragement and watching for early performance indicators
  • suggestions on how to compensate for the lack of “light conversations” normally found in conventional manager/employee relationships.
  • advice on how to do PIPs and have difficult conversations remotely.




Performance Managing Remote and Hybrid Workers:

We are all told not to monitor remote workers but instead to measure outputs. This session explores how best to do this. Areas covered include:

  • setting down clear parameters and expectations from the beginning.
  • clarifying goals and objectives
  • identifying what success looks like for both parties.
  • pitfalls to watch out for.


Review and Close

Day Three: Wednesday 10 February


Disciplinary Issues and Investigations: 

Best HR practice and legal guidelines have always required that we have the formal or ‘hard’ HR conversations face to face with employees.

This session considers the impact of working remotely on:

  • disciplinary timelines and procedures.
  • rules for hearings online – should they be recorded and what about permissions?




Dealing with Conflict Between Remote Workers

This is completely new territory for many in HRResolving conflict is challenging enough in a conventional setting but remotely?

This session provides guidance on:

  • whether any procedures should now be emphasized over others: informal discussions, facilitated discussions, resolution procedures, mediations, grievance procedures etc.
  • setting up a typical mediation process – we look at what an online mediation process might look like and how to set one up online

12 noon

Overcoming the New Challenges Remote Workers Introduce to an Organisation:

The new type of remote and hybrid worker has changed the nature of many organisations and introduced for HR completely new challenges. This session offers guidance on:

  • getting the balance right between empathy/concern for welfare of remote workers and ensuring remote workers comply with “house rules”
  • promoting an inclusive culture for remote workers.
  • understanding how remote working impacts on company culture and how to make appropriate adjustments.


Review and Close


This is a brand new course but take a look at the feedback from previous training led by Michelle:

"I could listen to Michelle all day – very interesting topic."
Orlagh Johnston, HR Manager, ABP UK

"Loved this session – Michelle provided really practical tools and tips."
Liz O'Donovan, HR Consultant, Voltedge Management

"Excellent content, format and general advice. The presenter, Michelle Halloran, is excellent."
Des Dillane, HR Business Partner, Houghton Mifflin Houghton

"It was an excellent course; Michelle really went through everything and gave loads of examples. Michelle was full of knowledge and answered all questions put to her."
Aoife Harkin, Executive Officer, National Shared Services Office

"Michelle was excellent in her approach in explaining and kept it interesting."
Denise Vaughan, HR, CareChoice Trim

"I really liked Michelle's delivery and practical examples. It certainly changed the way I thought of some issues previously and I will change my approach in future."
Claire Madden, People and Performance Manager, Research and Markets

"Michelle gave a very good course that was very practical and peppered with insights of first hand experience. I was impressed with it and was kept engaged throughout. Michelle is a very experienced HR practitioner and very willing to share."
Jason Harte, Partner, Mason Hayes Curran

"Very practical tips throughout the day."
David O'Sullivan, Assistant General Secretary, INTO

"Very well presented and Michelle is very knowledgeable in this area. She had examples which made things clearer."
Eamonn Balfe, QC Manager, Total Produce Ltd.


  • Michelle Halloran
    Michelle Halloran Trainer
    Human Resource Management Services

    Michelle Halloran is an experienced Human Resource Management professional providing training and consultancy services to organisations nationwide, in the Public and Private sector. She has spent a long career originally in executive and general management roles, then specialising in Human Resources management in Ireland, the UK and Europe, across various sectors including investment banking, information technology, manufacturing and services plus some time in the public sector, before starting her own HR consultancy business 12 years ago. Her key areas of expertise are in workplace investigations, disciplinary and performance management and employee relations, and the practical application of employment law in a HR context.

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Three Half Days


04 February 2021




Standard Rate: €295