Redundancy and Reorganisation in NI

Redundancy and Reorganisation in NI

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Redundancy and Reorganisation in NI – A Practical Guide and Workshop in the Light of the Impact of Coronavirus on Economic Activity

Introduction - Why this event and why now?

The coronavirus crisis and lockdown have brought many problems for employers – some short-term, others long-term. The Job Retention Scheme has delayed the high number of redundancies that might otherwise have occurred by now in a locked down economy, but we all know that the scheme is not a sustainable long-term model.  

Many organisations will have to consider reorganisation, contractual changes and redundancies over the next few months to save what is left of the business.

Even if you are currently safe, good governance requires that you at least investigate options for reorganisation and redundancy: when your customers struggle, your organisation will struggle. 

  • Do you know where to start?
  • Do you know which factors should (or should not) be included in a redundancy selection matrix?
  • Do you know the essential documents you will need in place before you implement a redundancy or reorganisation programme?

Why is this event important for YOU?

Legal Island and A&L Goodbody think that an online workshop would benefit employers who may be faced with redundancy or reorganisation decisions in the near future. Such an event has to be based around practical questions, with lots of interaction. Support papers need to include precedent checklists and documents. It has to be governed by Chatham House rules. And it will come with a free, confidential consultation from a member of the A&L Goodbody Employment and Incentives team.

After attending you will:

Understand how to implement a programme of redundancies and reorganisation, should it be required. You will have templates and precedents to guide you. You will have spoken in confidence to experts. You will have had your questions answered by those experts and will have the right to a free consultation after the event.

More value from this event

Every participant will receive the option of a free, confidential consultation from a member of the A&L Goodbody Employment and Incentives team.

Course overview/outline programme

This practical workshop on the law and practice of redundancy and reorganisation will consist of three main parts:

  • Implementing smaller-scale redundancies
  • Reorganisation – contractual changes and saving what remains
  • Implementing larger-scale redundancies

All three parts will begin with a practical scenario. Through a variety of trainer-led discussions, group discussions, practical exercises, templates, precedent documents and some pre-recorded videos, attendees will consider how to create and apply redundancy and reorganisation procedures.

The day will end with a final walk-through of the templates and precedent documents by the Employment and Incentives team of A&L Goodbody and the option of a follow-up free and confidential consultation with a member of the team.

Who is it for?

This event is aimed at anyone who might be involved in a redundancy and/or reorganisation exercise in the near future. This event is also aimed at those who do not foresee the need for redundancies in the immediate future but who recognise that good governance requires them to update skills, just in case. We anticipate that it will be particularly valuable to HR professionals and finance directors, and HR consultants.

NOTE: All participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in advance of the event, indicating that they will not disclose the names of any participant attendees or their organisations outside of this workshop.

When & Where?

9.20am – 4.00pm on Tuesday 30 June 2020. This event will only be available online and will be broadcast using Zoom. 


Standard Rate: £225+VAT

Trainers & Speakers:

This online workshop will be led by Gareth Walls, Partner, and Shirley Blair, Associate, Employment and Incentives team, A&L Goodbody, Belfast. Support will be provided by the Events and L&D teams of Legal Island. 

To book your place on this event please email Vanessa Porter ( with your name, organisation and email address.



"I was very impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise of the speakers. Engaged the delegates, encouraging debate and learning from others who had been through the process. I thoroughly enjoyed the day!"
Anne Lennon, HR Manager, Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council

"Small group meant you were able to cover and discuss with other delegates things that impacted on you and how others deal with it."
Colleen Cupples, HR Advisor, AES Ballylumford

"I liked that the event had particular focus from an employer perspective - much more so than other advice."
Cara McHugh, HR & OD Officer, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

"Clear advice with plenty of experience."
Terry Fuller, Commercial Products Manager, USEL

"I liked hearing about the different scenarios organisations face when dealing with the redundancy process. It is a very intense topic and felt the presenters explained each area well and I enjoyed it."
Stephanie Kelly, HR Policy Officer, NIFRS



  • Gareth Walls
    Gareth Walls Partner
    A&L Goodbody

    Gareth Walls is partner and head of the A&L Goodbody Employment and Incentives team in Northern Ireland. Gareth represents a number of local, national and international brands in business support, strategic workforce planning and tribunal matters. He also has significant experience in corporate immigration, redundancy, re-structuring and TUPE issues. Gareth is an accomplished advocate with particular emphasis on equality matters, unfair dismissal, covenants and injunctive relief in the Employment context, as well as being a CEDR qualified mediator.

  • Shirley Blair
    Shirley Blair Associate
    A&L Goodbody

    Shirley is an Associate in A&L Goodbody's Employment & Incentives team in Belfast. She specialises in defending complex Industrial Tribunal claims, advising on restructuring and managing senior executive disputes and exits. She has recognised expertise in restraint of trade cases and injunctions. Shirley is a member of the Employment Lawyers Group, Employment Lawyers Association and the NI contributory author of the book "Professional Secrecy of Lawyers in Europe". Shirley represents the NICC on the NI Employment Relations Roundtable. She is a qualified Solicitor Advocate. 

Event details


9.20am - 4.00pm


30 June 2020


Zoom (Online Platform)


Standard Rate: £225+VAT