Remote and Hybrid Line Management – the 4 Cs

Remote and Hybrid Line Management – the 4 Cs

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the varied needs of employees. As many organisations navigate returning to the office in some shape or form, line managers and HR are faced with the differing needs and preferences of employees. Some employees are keen to return to the workplace at least 1 or 2 days a week, some more or full time, others wish to continue to work remotely.

How can you ensure everyone works in sync whether working remotely or in the workplace? How can you ensure you and your team are communicating and collaborating effectively? Do you know how to respond to conflict which takes place in a remote/hybrid environment?

Our expert trainer, Michelle Halloran, has spent many years working with HR departments in leading companies and public sector bodies helping them upskill and to adopt the very latest practices and procedures.

This state-of-the-art course will help you address the key challenges for managing a hybrid and remote team including:

  1. Creating and maintaining effective communication and determining appropriate meeting etiquette  
  2. Establishing and encouraging connections among team members and wider teams in the organisation
  3. Reigniting creative thinking and collaboration
  4. Recognising and responding to conflict

Who is this event for?

This event is ideal for line managers, HR professionals and anyone who manages a remote or hybrid team.

Where and When?

This event will take place online on the Hopin platform between 9.15am and 12.30pm on both Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October 2022.


Early Bird: €295 (deadline 5pm on Friday 9th September 2022)
Standard Rate: €345
Save €20 if you pay online when booking.

eLearning Training Course: Managing & Motivating Remote Workers

Legal Island has created an eLearning course in partnership with Think People Consulting that will provide managers of remote workers in Ireland with the tools to manage and motivate their teams, optimise performance, and achieve organisational goals.

This course was designed specifically for organisations that have employees in managerial positions and will enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully manage and support teams working remotely.

What does this course cover?

+ What a remote worker and hybrid team is

+ The benefits and challenges of being a remote worker

+ The challenges of managing a remote team

+ How to manage a remote worker to optimise performance

+ Techniques to motivate and engage remote workers

+ How to protect your own mental health and wellbeing when managing remote workers

Special Offer for those who book on to this event

Free access to Legal Island's Managing and Motivating Remote Workers eLearning course for all attendees of this event. A further 50% off discount will be available to provide your management team with access to this course.

For more information on this special offer or to discuss your training needs further, contact Debbie Wilson -


Day 1


Welcome and Introductions to Michelle Halloran, Halloran HR Resolutions Ltd and Chair, Rolanda Markey, Legal Island.


5-minute comfort break at 10.15am


It can be hard work to engage and interact effectively in a remote and hybrid working environment; this session provides skills and advice on how to choose the most effective ways of communicating with our work teams, depending on the task or message to be communicated, when face to face communication isn’t possible or is limited. This session considers:

  • What channels of communication to use when, with our team members (email, video conference, chat, phone)
  • The basics of ‘netiquette’ – the must haves we should be incorporating into our Communications policies at work
  • Right to Disconnect – how can we respect our team members right to log off and switch off work, outside their normal working hours, while retaining some flexibility during busy / pinch point times at work?
  • How to handle challenging behaviours at online team meetings (such multi-taskers, interrupters and story-tellers)
  • In a hybrid working model, when and how should we use our face-to-face time with our team members?


Refreshment Break


5-minute comfort break at 12.15


Once the essentials of hybrid / remote communication are established, we have to consider whether we are maintaining or establishing meaningful connections with our team members – connections that help them feel included, enthusiastic, motivated and supported in their remote working environment. This session considers:

  • How to map the ‘virtual distance’ between you and each of your team members, so you can tailor the amount and type of communication each different individual on your team will need from you as a leader, in order to feel connected;
  • How to address the social / wellbeing needs of a remote work team – human beings are social animals who need regular contact with each other, irrespective of personality type
  • How to maintain employee motivation remotely, in the face of ‘Zoom fatigue’?


Review and Close of Day 1

Day Two


Welcome to Day 2 and reflection on key learning points from Day 1



5-minute comfort break at 10.15am


Facilitating a discussion of ideas and decision-making sessions remotely, with your own work team or across functions, requires an ability to read the virtual room, stimulate interaction and creativity, ensure that everyone is contributing and summarise action points. This session considers:

  • Setting expectations with each team member regarding the purpose of and need for collaboration
  • Procedures and processes to support better remote collaboration
  • Skills and tools to become a strong facilitator and collaborative leader for your work team and project groups online


Refreshment Break


5-minute comfort break at 12.15am


Resolving conflict is challenging enough in a conventional setting but remotely?This session considers:

  • The S.C.A.R.F model to help identify the underlying causes of workplace conflict within your teams
  • Procedures and alternative methods for resolving conflict in a remote / hybrid work setting, including informal discussions, facilitated discussions, mediations, investigation and grievance procedures e
  • Legal considerations to remember when conducting formal or informal conflict resolution online


Review and Close

 Please note that this programme is a draft and subject to change 



"Excellent presenter, course notes really good. Legal Island Admin on the chat were really quick to provide links."
Siofra Kilcullen, SEO Corporate Development and Human Resources, Mayo County Council

"(I really liked) the practical examples, scenarios and case studies. Excellent templates and sample questions are very useful."
Julie Lowe, HR Officer, SOS Kilkenny CLG

"Michelle is a great facilitator and used very practical examples throughout the day. The material provided is very comprehensive and a great take away for future reference."
Rebecca Domican, HR Business Partner, Central Bank of Ireland



  • Michelle Halloran
    Michelle Halloran Trainer
    MH Human Resource Management Services Solutions

    Michelle Halloran is an experienced Human Resource Management professional and an accredited workplace mediator providing training and consultancy services to organisations nationwide, in the Public and Private sector. She has spent a long career originally in executive and general management roles, then specialising in Human Resources management in Ireland, the UK and Europe, across various sectors including investment banking, information technology, manufacturing and services plus some time in the public sector, before starting her own HR consultancy business 17 years ago. Her key areas of expertise are in workplace investigations, disciplinary and performance management and employee relations, and the practical application of employment law in a HR context.


Event details


2 Half Days; 5th & 6th October 2022


05 October 2022


Online - Hopin


Early Bird: €295 (deadline 5pm on Friday 9th September 2022)
Standard Rate: €345
Save €20 if you pay online when booking

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