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Successful Selection Interviewing

Successful Selection Interviewing

How often are you successful in picking the ‘right’ person for the job? Selection interviewing is central to the successful search for the ‘right’ person. However, all too often the organisation’s interviewers are left to acquire this expertise – in a legal minefield – by trial and error. This approach frequently leads to inappropriate and costly decisions, ultimately fuelling inefficiency, demotivation, conflict, messy dismissals and poor morale – outcomes that are often easier to prevent than to correct.

This practical skills development course will equip delegates with the knowledge and confidence to successfully conduct selection interviews. With the aid of ‘best practice’ presentations, open forum question and answer sessions and practical role plays, participants will be provided with a structured model for a systematic approach to the selection interview. Having been provided with individualised feedback on their interview style, delegates will leave the course knowledgeable about the essential stages and appropriate skills to use for effective interviewing.

After this seminar you will understand:

  • The Importance of the Recruitment and Selection Process
  • The Role of the Selection Process and the Interview
  • Shortlising Practice and Procedures   
  • The Role of the Job Description
  • The Role of the Person Specification\Candidate Assessment Scoring System\Scorecard
  • Equality Legislation Provisions and the Selection Process
  • Data Protection and Freedom of Information Legislative Provisions and the Selection Process
  • Characteristics of the Good Interviewer and the Good Interview
  • Characteristics of the Bad Interviewer and the Bad Interview
  • How To Set Up the Interview Environment
  • How To Control the Interview
  • The Questions You Ask: Dos and Don'ts
  • The Question Bank\Menu by Competency Type\Area
  • Question Strategy: How To Ask Them
  • The Art Of Good Listening
  • The Selection Interview:
    - The Preparatory Phase: A Checklist 
    - The Actual Interview Phase: A Checklist
    - The Follow-Up Phase: A Checklist
  • Selection Interview Case Study Role Plays (incl. Evaluation and Feedback)
  • Selection Interview Types (incl.  the Structured\Competency or Criterion-Based Interview Style)
  • The Role and Range of Selection Tests and Their Validity
  • The Role of the Reference
  • The Role of the Probation Period
  • How to Give Feedback to the Unsuccessful Interviewee\Applicant

Who should Attend?
All line managers and human resource professionals who are, or may be, involved in selection interviewing.

When and Where?
9:30am- 5:00pm Thursday 9th May 2019
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport

Early Bird Rate: €375 (deadline Friday 29th March 2019)
Standard Rate: €425

Save €20 if you book and pay online.

Early Bird Rate

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Event details


9:30am - 5:00pm


09 May 2019


Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport


Early Bird Rate: €375 (deadline Friday 29th March 2019)
Standard Rate: €425