Working Time: That was Then, This is Now!

Working Time: That was Then, This is Now!

Revolutionising Working Time: That was Then, This is Now! 

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As part of Legal Island's 25th Anniversary series, we are exploring how the work environment has changed since Working Time Regulations were introduced in ROI in 1997 and NI in 1998At the time, laws on maximum working hours and breaks were progressive and hailed as a way to increase employee efficiency while protecting wellbeing. But have we gone too far? 

Now employers are struggling to attract and retain talent, with the CIPD reporting 51% of employees have flexibility in their current roles. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it is increasingly clear remote work, flexible schedules, and employee well-being are more important than ever. With the government supporting the right to request flexible working from the first day of employment, are employers’ needs coming secondHow can employers navigate the challenge of employee expectations without sacrificing organisational agility? 

Join us in a discussion on: 

  • What are the issues involved in remote work? 
  • What lessons can we learn from the 4 day week experiment? 
  • How can you balance the organisation’s needs against those of your employees? 

We believe this conversation will provide valuable insight into the current and future state of work and how HR professionals can adapt and innovate to ensure both the organisation and employees thrive. 

After attending this event you will: 

  • Benchmark your organisation in line with current trends 
  • Explore the changing attitude of employee expectations 
  • Examine the importance of mutual flexibility to ensure a win-win for both you and your employees 

Who should attend? 

This event is ideal for line managers, HR professionals and anyone who manages flexible working requests or policies within their organisations. 

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Join Michelle Halloran, Principal Consultant at MHRS Ireland and Olga Pollock, HR Manager at firmus energy and Julie Holmes, Knowledge Partner in Legal Island in a discussion on:

  1. How much flexibility is good for employees? Can too much damage employee mental health and career prospects? 
  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, the 4 day week and flexible working hours? What are the common pitfalls and how can you prevent them? 

  1. Can employers meet employee demand and maintain business continuity? 




  • Michelle Halloran
    Michelle Halloran Trainer
    MH Human Resource Management Services Solutions

    Michelle Halloran is an experienced Human Resource Management professional and an accredited workplace mediator providing training and consultancy services to organisations nationwide, in the Public and Private sector. She has spent a long career originally in executive and general management roles, then specialising in Human Resources management in Ireland, the UK and Europe, across various sectors including investment banking, information technology, manufacturing and services plus some time in the public sector, before starting her own HR consultancy business 17 years ago. Her key areas of expertise are in workplace investigations, disciplinary and performance management and employee relations, and the practical application of employment law in a HR context.


  • Olga Pollock
    Olga Pollock HR Manager
    Firmus Energy

    Olga started her HR career back in 2002 at Administrator level and worked her way up to Human Resources Manager responsible for managing the entire HR life-cycle in a fast-paced tech environment.

    After leaving the software sector Olga worked in the public sector in an interim Employee Relations position before moving to Phoenix Natural Gas as Human Resources Manager responsible for both HR and payroll. Here Olga digitised the recruitment process and created a health and wellbeing strategy among other things.

    Still within the utilities sector, Olga moved to firmus energy as HR Manager in August 2019 where she focuses on  employee engagement through an array of engagement interventions.

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12.30pm - 1.30pm


19 June 2023


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