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Posted in : ROI on 15 June 2016
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This six-month Progress Report and Commentary  is designed to outline the work undertaken by the Commission to date, the progress made against our longer-term targets and to provide some early insight into trends emerging in dispute resolution, adjudication, labour inspection, and enforcement.

The report has some interesting information, as well as a history of how the WRC got to where it is now at since October:

  • Almost one third (31%) of the type of calls received concerned work permits. The next biggest topic was working time, with 17%.
  • 71% of calls came from employees; 21% from employers.
  • In relation to adjudication of individual employment disputes, significant improvements have occurred in terms of waiting times, both for hearing (averaging three months) and issuing of decisions (averaging 40 days)
  • The number of legacy employment rights cases on hands at 1 October 2015 has fallen substantially from 2,400 to just over 1,000
  • The back log of equality cases has been reduced by a third while the waiting time has been cut from 104 weeks to 53 weeks over the past 15 months.
  • Almost 200 adjudication decisions have been posted on the website
  • In relation to inspections and enforcement duties, the WRC has recovered €665,208 in unpaid wages and has concluded 2465 cases

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