Barry Walsh


About Barry Walsh

Barry spent much of his early career in the start-up, advertising, charity and recruitment sectors. In 2016 he began working for, which has everything you need to start, run or grow a business in Ireland and he has been freelancing for them ever since. He specialises in doing interviews on businesses in the Diversity and Inclusion field in Ireland.

In 2019 he joined Dell Technologies Diversity and Inclusion team to help them roll out their Neurodiversity Awareness Training..Before becoming a job coach for autistic people for 2 years. In 2021 Barry became the founder of The website amplifies diverse voices that are actively promoting Diversity and Inclusion. Barry creates interviews, articles and personal tips on people, companies or programs that are making Ireland a more diverse place.

Barry is driven to continue to promote Diversity and Inclusion within Ireland and abroad, to make Ireland a more equitable place for everyone.