Caroline Hughes

Conscious Leaders


About Caroline Hughes

Caroline Hughes, CEO of Conscious Leaders, is a highly accomplished global talent and leadership executive.

Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Speaker, Caroline has previously held global senior executive positions across a range of sectors including Global Director of Leadership Development in CRH plc, and Head of Change in Central Bank of Ireland during the Irish Economic Bailout, Troika Programme.

She believes that leadership is a practice, and how we show up is a reflection on our inside-out understanding of ourselves. She advocates that focusing on behaviours without more in-depth exploration into mindset and values, will only lead to short term outcomes and inconsistencies which become particularly spotlighted when leading remote or matrix teams. The real work takes place when we dig deep to answer the questions “Who are you? and Why should anyone be led by you?”
Using increased personal awareness as a differentiator in building successful careers; she coaches and consults on talent strategy and designs leadership programmes that brings culture and values to life in a way that moves beyond the BS and enables better personal and business outcomes. Focusing on legacy as a key motivator she supports leaders to consider “How will anyone know you were here?”

While recovering from burnout, she learned that attending to physical health was not enough. She immersed herself in the teachings of Brené Brown, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Brandon Bays, Michael Neill to better understand herself and learn tools to shift her mindset, have wellbeing conversations and maintain healthy boundaries. She uses her insights to support organisations develop wellbeing strategies; and coach those who are at risk of burnout or managing their transition back to work after long term illness.

Having held senior positions in male-dominated environments, she is a strong advocate of women in business and track record in delivering an “I before D” approach to diversity. In other words, inclusive behaviours must be embedded at all levels for diversity to truly become a business reality. She is well versed in organisation behaviour, and how to navigate the needs of various stakeholders so that they can coalesce on desired outcomes.

A dynamic woman with infinite curiosity, she also brings her unique insights from her most challenging hikes from all over the world - Kilimanjaro, Base Camp Everest, Ausangate (Peru) and others, to help clients think differently about how they show up and inspire others.