Dr Phil McCrea


Managing Director

About Dr Phil McCrea

Dr Philip McCrea Mb, Bch, BAO, MD, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Glasg), MFOM, MFOM (RCPI)

Philip ran his own OH company, Occupational Health Consultants, for many years before selling the business to BHSFOH in 2013.  He acted as Medical Director of BHSF Occupational Health for a while before becoming Managing Director in February 2015.

  • Appointed Doctor under Lead and Asbestos Regulations(NI) via the Health & Safety Executive (NI)
  • Expert Witness for the Law Society in Northern Ireland.  A frequent attender in Court in Belfast and Dublin, as well as attending Industrial Tribunals on behalf of clients. 
  • Occupational Health Advisor to the Engineering Employers Federation in Northern Ireland.
  • A participant in the UK Surveillance Schemes in Occupational Dermatology, Respiratory Disease and Musculoskeletal Disorders.
  • An Advisor to Insurance Companies on risk management and employers’ liability insurance claims.
  • As a Post Graduate Advisor to the National University of Ireland (Galway), was a lecturer on the Diploma/MSc in occupational health, hygiene and ergonomics
  • Participated and gave advice to the Specialist Training Programme in Queen’s University Belfast.
  • An Examiner for the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in London in postgraduate examinations and am a reviewer of articles submitted to Occupational Medicine.
  • United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) Approved Doctor (one of only four in Ireland)
  • Consulting Medical Officer in December 2005 to February 2015 to Irish Life, Ireland’s largest corporate insurer.