Gail Chalmin

Business Legal

Data Protection Practitioner

About Gail Chalmin

Gail Chalmin is a commercial and data protection consultant with over 21 years legal experience. She received a BCL from UCC in 1994 together with a BSC in 1990. She worked for many years in the legal compliance area and has experience drafting data protection policies and contracts

She worked as a legal consultant for companies of all sizes identifying risk and ensuring company contracts, policies and procedures are adequate and up to date.

She is a qualified Data Protection Practitioner with Business Legal. Gail s experience includes

  • Undertaking client audits
  • Drafting client policies and procedures
  • Reviewing client processes to ensure compliance with laws
  • Training client staff
  • Cross border data transfers
  • Drafting data processing agreements
  • Reviewing and analysing key legal developments in data protection law