Nuala Murphy

Diversity Mark

Interim Head of Business

About Nuala Murphy

Head of Business Diversity Mark - the awarding authority on Diversity and Inclusion across the UK and Ireland. Nuala has been described by the Irish Times as “one of the next generation of female business leaders in the North.”

A community builder and connector by nature, Nuala has been an impassioned advocate for women’s equality with a deep commitment to creating workplaces where every person has a seat at the table and a chance to be heard.  With a deep expertise in D&I issues and experience building communities that empower and connect people across differences. 

As a diversity and inclusion leader and President of the lean in Belfast Network and President Elect of Lean In UK & Ireland Council, Nuala has led and scaled the Lean In movement across Ireland for more than 7 years, a global community of women who led grassroots groups in countries like Iraq, India, and the United States, which bolstered her ability to work across cultures and race. She led conversations with Sheryl Sandberg in London and then Dublin in front of an audience of thousands, and was selected by Lean In to come to Silicon Valley as a leader who had shown outstanding promise and commitment to women. Through this experience, Nuala has gained insights into the working culture of companies rooted in Silicon Valley and developed her wider D&I skillset on a global scale. 

During her almost 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Nuala has sought out opportunities to support employees from different backgrounds and walks of life. She developed an app to support pregnant women and new mothers with anxiety to support their mental health, with special attention paid to the challenges faced by mothers of minority groups. Nuala has led corporate partnerships with global companies to enhance the private sector’s support for women leaders. And has an expertise in marketing that enables her to communicate clearly about both the challenges and the solutions within D&I work.