Oliver Daniels

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions

Client Services Manager

About Oliver Daniels

Both doting father and loving son, Oliver Daniels has first-hand experience of the daily challenges working parents and carers face – which inspires and motivates him to help others combine work+family truly successfully.

In his role as Operations Manager for Backup Care, Oliver was responsible for smooth and seamless service delivery throughout the UK and Ireland. He led the Backup Care team for eight years, implementing improved systems and processes as well as growing the largest provider network of its kind in both countries.

Since moving to the Client Services team, Oliver has enthusiastically advocated for all that Bright Horizons does, bringing new family-friendly employers on board; regularly joining thought leadership events; and on occasion even trying his hand at public speaking… “all for the cause”, in his own words. He is the Bright Horizons business development lead for Ireland, a natural fit given the amount of time he spends there.

Oliver loves to unwind with a good book (his guilty pleasure is pulp science fiction) and to stay healthy he swims regularly. But the joy of Oliver's life – the apple of his eye and greatest source of comic relief – is without doubt his smart, beautiful, not-so-little-anymore, little girl.