Susan HayesCulleton

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Entrepreneur & Professional Speaker

About Susan HayesCulleton

A finance expert with a BSc Financial Maths & Economics from NUIG. She passed two of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams on the first attempt. She has earned the trust of several finance organisations worldwide: Hayes Culleton is a corporate affiliate of Finance Malta and VectorVest. She regularly contributes to Finance Malta’s newsletter and was a finalist at Enterprise Europe Network Rising Star Awards in 2011. She manages her own portfolio, with an emphasis on Exchange Traded Funds, Value Stocks and Writing Options.

An experienced trainer and public speaker who regularly presents at conferences and keynotes on economics, the stock market, banking, entrepreneurship and finance. As the Positive Economist, she is a frequent media speaker, regularly interviewed on The Sunday Times (Malta), TV3, RTE, Newstalk and Today FM (Ireland). In 2008, Susan wrote a digitised module called “Introducing Wall Street to the Classroom” designed to make the stock market accessible for second level students and their teachers.

Susan has extensive knowledge of the retail audience, having mentored private clients one-on-one for years on how to trade in financial markets. She has a knack for delivering reliable, precise information in clear English, rendering finance concepts in all their subtlety and making them accessible to a lay audience.

Susan is passionate about:

  • The world of finance and the pace at which it changes – it doesn’t stand still for a second!
  • The way the news and the economy at large interact with financial markets – markets are an excellent way of taking the economic temperature of the world, and their messages are loud enough for those willing to listen!
  • Making all those insights accessible to as many people as possible, in a clear, jargon-free way.
  • Finding just the right angle to make the subtleties of financial markets interesting to as many people as possible.