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Regular Features

The Employment Law Hub contains many articles regularly sent to subscribers since 2010. We have divided these into groups, e.g. Fortnightly Review of Developments, First Tuesday Q&A, How do I handle it? and many more.

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Fortnightly Review of Recent Employment Developments

A fortnightly review of case law, legislative developments and much more

First Tuesday Q & A

A&L Goodbody provide the answers to subscribers questions, covering a variety of ...

How do I handle it?

Ronan Daly Jermyn on how employers should handle difficult workplace scenarios

HR Updates

Weekly updates from a range of leading HR consultants covering various topics

LK Shields on Employment Law

The latest legal developments from the employment team at LK Shields.

Labour & Superior Court Case Law Review Panel

An analysis of Labour Court and Superior Court decisions with advice from our pa ...

Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series

Crowley Solicitors give regular updates and advice on the hottest employment law ...

Comyn Kelleher Tobin on Employment Law Precedents

Legal analysis of important current and historic employment cases which are of i ...

How To... with Dr. Gerry McMahon

A series of practical 'How to...' articles, ideal for HR professionals.

Business Legal on Data Security

A video series (with accompanying transcripts) covering various aspects of data ...

Comparative Employment Law Table

Our easy to understand table compares and contrasts Irish, GB & NI employment la ...

ByrneWallace Employment Law Legislative Updater

A summary of recent Employment Law Developments in Ireland.

Supplementary Articles

This section comprises the periodical and reactive articles covered by a variety ...

Amorys Solicitors on Commercial Law for Employers

A new series of articles on EU and other laws that affect the bottom line for em ...

O'Connor Solicitors on Change Management

O’Connor Solicitors outline the practical steps when seeking a change of culture

Eversheds HR Speed Brief

Eversheds on practical implications for HR professionals of employment law devel ...

McDowell Purcell on Recent Developments

McDowell Purcell provide updates on recent development in Irish employment law

BEO Solutions on Employment Equality Decisions

A regular review of recent decisions concerning employment equality-related issu ...

Reddy Made Contracts

Laura Graham from Reddy Charlton Solicitors offers bi-monthly advice on contract ...