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70:20:10 – a Formula for Learning Success

Posted in: Coaching in the Moment on 05/03/2019 How can line managers ensure that their employees develop the necessary skills to succeed? Where does the learning take place: on the job, coaching or in the classroom? These questions are being asked not just by line managers, learning and development departments but also by academics. Last year, ...
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HR Matters ROI

To Train or to Coach, That is the Question!

Posted in: Coaching in the Moment on 07/02/2019 A new starter has just joined the team. The manager in charge of the new employee is in a quandary, should I train the entrant or coach her to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job well? This question can arise for a few reasons and one of them is that some busy line managers don...

Leading during change

Posted in: Coaching in the Moment on 07/01/2019 Welcome to a new series of articles on coaching for managers from the experts at Coaching Champions, Cariona Neary and Karl O’Connor. The articles are all about coaching in the moment and are aimed at helping managers, i.e. non-professional coaches, to use coaching techniques in everyday challengin...