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Q&A on Working Time and Sick Pay Developments

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 16/01/2015 This article has addressed some frequently asked questions in relation to working time and sick pay developments. The questions answered in the article are: Is payment in lieu of annual leave authorised where an employee leaves the company? In payment for annual leave, should this include care al...

No Fault Termination of Employment Contracts - A New Dawn in Irish Employment Law

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 11/11/2014 Deirdre Crowley writes:'No fault' terminations, where an employer terminates a contract of employment on notice to an employee, have very recently been held by the High Court in two separate decisions to be lawful. In such no fault terminations, it appears that an employer will be entitled to termi...

Beware of Burnout

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 14/10/2014 Emer O’Sullivan writes: Excessive workloads or working hours are one cause of workplace stress which could lead to an employee claiming damages against their employer for constructive unfair dismissal and for psychological injuries sustained by an employee as a result of their working situation. T...
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Health and Safety Working Time and Leave

Recruiting Top Talent in a Recovering Economy: Key Points

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 08/07/2014 Deirdre Crowley writes:Employers in buoyant sectors are repeatedly citing a lack of key skills as the hottest issue on their agenda right now. With the gradual uplift in the economy, HR leaders are now challenged to mobilise key talent to help businesses grow. Employment, equality and industrial re...

Drugs and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 09/05/2014 Deirdre Crowley writes:In this Hot Topics article, Deirdre Crowley comments on the recent announcement by Minister Varadkar that employers will be held accountable on a statutory basis for employees driving on public roads when intoxicated. The Minister confirmed that the legislation, which is hera...

Agency Workers - Where Are We Now?

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 14/03/2014 Deirdre Crowley writes:1. OverviewThe Labour Court has addressed the notion of equal pay as and between agency workers and direct hirees head on. The Court has not been slow to make retrospective awards of pay for agency workers. Specifically, the awards include pay the agency worker ought to have ...

Parallel Proceedings - Cunningham v Intel Ireland Limited

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 17/01/2014 This article deals with the High Court decision of Cunningham v Intel Ireland Limited.In a decision which has generated significant debate, Mr. Justice Hedigan said that “it is clear from her own pleadings and submissions in the two sets of proceedings that both her employment claim and her persona...

Key Cost Containment: EAT Decision

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 19/11/2013 Deirdre Crowley writes: This article is about a decision of the Employment Appeals Tribunal where an employer’s approach to a Payment of Wages and union recognition issue was endorsed.The case involves a cross appeal to a decision of the Rights Commissioner (Reference number r-065472-pw-08 et al) u...

Data Protection – How will the proposed regulations affect your business

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 31/05/2013 Deirdre Crowley writes:Recent media reports have reinforced the importance of appropriately handling employee and business data. This article looks at current best practice in relation to data protection. Necessary steps that need to be taken to get your organisation ready for new and enhanced data...

New Vetting Procedures for Workers in Childcare and Vulnerable Persons Sectors

Posted in: Crowley Solicitors Hot Topics Series on 12/03/2013 Lucy Alley writes:The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 (the “Act”) was signed into law by the President of Ireland on 26 December, 2012. It is anticipated that the Act will come into force later this month.The National Vetting Bureau created under this legislation ...