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First Tuesday Q&A

The claimant was dismissed by reason of gross misconduct and in particular.

If the company doesn’t apply for work permits, is it lawful to discount non-EU Nationals who apply or to ask all applicants if they are eligible to work in Ireland and on what basis?

Posted in: First Tuesday Q&A ROI on 01/05/2012 Under the Employment Equality Acts 1998 – 2011 an employer is prohibited from discriminating against applicants for employment on the grounds of nationality. Therefore all applications, whether from the EU / EEA applicants or elsewhere, must be treated equally. Of course this is subject to the recr...
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Recruitment and Selection Health & Safety

We have a smoking policy and publicised CCTV monitoring around the factory. If an employee is caught smoking in a non-designated area by CCTV, can this footage be used for discipline?

Posted in: First Tuesday Q&A ROI on 05/01/2012 In these circumstances, the CCTV footage may be used as part of the disciplinary process. Just as an employee would be afforded an opportunity to comment on any documentary evidence which is being relied on at a disciplinary hearing, an employee should be given the same chance to do so with the foo...
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Disciplinary and Grievance Issues Policies and Procedures Health & Safety